Various Doshas

Do I have Nagadosha, Pitru dosha, Ardh Kaalsarpa dosha, any other dosha? Why I am not getting job and even marriage ?

I have prepared your horoscope and my analysis goes like this :-

You are about to complete the dasha period of Rahu Maha Dasha. Rahu period remains trying for most people. However, the period follows Rahu is that of Jupiter. Jupiter is cosmic benefic planet and you can expect good and favourable period now. It begins from 27th April, 2011.

So, for you, the tunnel of difficulties is going to end soon. Feel good..!!

The first thing you need to know is that you need not apply on your own Kundli, each and every negative combination described on astrological sites. If you read and understand my articles carefully, you would appreciate that my intention is to remove the fear-factor attached to such combinations by the professional astrologers for their own advantages.

In stead, let me guide your attention to the following benefic yogas that are formed in your horoscope : - Vosi yoga formed by placement of Venus in 12th house of your Sun. This makes you skillful, charitable and learned.

The Budh-Aditya yoga formed with conjunction of Budha and Surya in your 2nd House, again bestow upon you skillful speech, intellect and respect. The Gaja-Kesari yoga formed with the placement of Guru and Moon in kendra position to each other; makes you potential to be popular and virtous.

You have your Moon in 8th house, this is negative with respect to your health during your infant stage, however, the placement of benefices in the 6th 7th and 8th from this moon has made you survive. Now as you are grownup, this placement is to be taken care with respect to your mental make up. You should take extra care in emotional issues, be watchful against opposite sex matters and take care of your moods during Krishna Paksha 13/14 and 15th Tithis. It is better for you to keep reading of books regularly to enhence self-confidence and positive attitude.

You have Venus in your Lagna Chart, this can make you beautiful, romantic and artistic. The placement of Jupiter in your 5th house(Values and ethics) is a check on the romantic side of this Venus. It might creat hurdles or even negate, your efforts or inclination towards sensual pleasure. If your beloved happens to hail from higher caste, Jupiter would not object to it.

The aspect of Ketu and Saturn on this Venus can lead you into social welfare, social justice and spiritual domains. Are you, in any way associated with any NGO ?

To sum up, I would say, you are very close to get your dues: a good Job and a life-partner. I would be happy if you let me know when you enter this happy zone.

Please donate a pair of clothes to the wife of your Kula Guru (Any satvika brahmin - karmakandi or a priest. )

Be Blessed.

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