UPs & Downs in life..

As per my horoscope, Iam having "Kala Sarpa Dosam". I have lot of ups and down, but need to know if I will be able to purchase a property (Home).

I have a son (14years) and my Husband is not working. I really have a bad time. can you suggest some remedy, as i have a lready visted Kalastri (AP), Thirunageswar (TN), Kilamba(TM).


Dear V*****,

Forget about 'Kalasarpa-yoga'.

I personally do not pay more of significance to this yoga.

You have Rahu in 10th house. This can create hurdles right at the time of culmination of any project.

You have Saturn in your 2nd house (Finance, earning). This indicates that your financial matters would move slow. However now since you have crossed the age of 33 and you have had enough of roughs, Saturn would not annoy you much. Saturn inflicts delays but when it gives, the results are on strong and firm foundations.

I feel, the real cause lies in 1st house where you have conjunction of mars and Venus. The Mars in first house in its own sign can make you head-strong. This Mars can make you feel that you alone are 'always right'. You can make mistake in hurriedly judging others and mostly you might feel that the other person doesn't have the caliber to understand you correctly. Self-righteousness can create problems for you.

If you have tight financial prospects, try this :- Develop attitude to accept others' point of view. Operate through low profile. Lower down the degree of your self-esteem. If others brand you as 'Proudy' ; know that there's some substance in their opinion and be humble. Saturn would not create hurdles for you once you adopt easy attitude. This would dellute your Ego. Once you do this, you would find the required loans/funds for your buying House. (Saturn aspects your 4th house).

If you are a Hindu, you may like to perform abhishekum(water+milk+til seeds) on Shivalinga. During abhishekam, visualize that your Rahu Dosha is dissolving with the pouring and flowing of water through the Snake and Shivalinga. You can consider this to be a perfect remedy if you find a shivalaya within 'walking distance' from your residence.

Aum Namah Shivaya..!

Best of Luck.