How to Strengthen a weak Planet in Horoscope?

In my personal opinion, you should first understand that planets do not have any impact. They do not radiate any energy or force that may have any significant influence on the life of a person.

This may sound awkward to you because most people indulge in astrology with a belief that astrology is knowledge of interpreting influence of planets and it may suggest how to manipulate the influence of planets.

When I say this, I know that most of my knowledgeable astrologer friends would reject my views. However, let me explain my understanding:

Astrology is based on Observation:

Astrology is collection of observation on movement of planets in different parts of the sky and its correlation with different happenings on human life. The collection suggest that different planets in different spot coincide with particular nature and intensity of happenings in the life of a person. So, this is observation and probable correlation. In no way, it suggests that the planets generate those happenings.

  • We know that when the cuckoo signs we have mangoes. Do I need to explain that cuckoo sound does not grow mangoes? It is the same season for mangoes and the mating season for cuckoos..!

Planets are only indicative:

Astrology deals with the correlation between position of planets and the probable circumstances or happenings during such position. Planets do not generate any events or happenings. Planets are not the cause of any happenings but the knowledge of astrology, on the basis of observation of thousand of years, shows what kind of happenings can be expected when particular planet is in particular position.

Once you are convinced with the fact that planets do not generate any happenings, you will be unburdened of the ways and means to either strengthening any planet or defying any untoward happening by way of doing something about planets.

  • Planets are only indicative. Planets in the horoscope are as indicative as the numbers printed on the speedometer of the car.
  • If you shift the needle manually on the speedometer from 40 to 100, do you think the speed of the car will increase? It will never be so. Same way, nothing can change if you do something about the indicative planets.

Now, you may have a big question.. What is the essence of Astrology if planets are only indicative, they don’t impact the happenings of life?

The essence of Astrology would still be quite sound if we take it in the right perspective. We need to understand the core precepts and foundation of astrology.

The Indian Astrology is based upon the theory of Karma and as the horoscope is made on the basis of date, time and place of the birth, this Karma has to be dealing with the karma of past life. Thus, the planets in the horoscope indicate the kind of past karma, the person did in the past life.

We know that Karma has human emotions in its generation. With our actions or inactions, we make other persons feel emotions. So as a reaction of those past actions, we may be exposed situations where we experience similar emotions.

With the use of astrology, we can find out in what area of life, we may be exposed to what kind of emotions? This could be emotions of joy, accomplishment and comfort or it could be challenges, failures or pain.

The remedies:

If we sensibly access astrology, we can make out as to how to conduct in particular time in particular subject matter of life. We can make out our strengths and weaknesses and can take advantage of strengths and improve upon the weaknesses.

  • Astrology is like traffic sign boards. If we see the sign board of ‘Accident zone, bumps ahead, dangerous curve etc., on our way, what we do? We drive sensibly.

Strength and weakness of planets

You also need to understand the difference between ‘Strength’ and ‘Weakness’ of any planet. There is a lot of misconception here. Strength is based on degree of the planet. It shows intensity of particular kind of karma.

Whereas weakness of a planet is based upon its placement in a sign and that denotes qualitative difference. Every planet has its higher quality positive characteristics and its lower quality negative traits depending upon its placement in its own sign, its mooltrikona sign, its exaltation sign or in its debilitation sign etc.

From the above, you can see that if you have identified weakness about any planet, you don’t have to do anything to the planet. You need to find out the traits of the planet and work on your own behavioural aspects accordingly.

This is the way, when you are to pass through the circumstances created by your own past karma, you are well equipped to respond to those emotions. Bettering one’s own behaviour is the real remedy.

Reciting Mantras of Planets, putting on precious stones and gems etc. may be helpful to the tune of degree of your faith and placebo effect. With the conventional remedies you could benefit by way of support of Hope that you get.