Regarding Spiritual Interest

Dear Sir,

1. Will I go abroad?

2.What are the chances of my higher education(MBA) ?

3. When will I get married(love or arranged) How will be my Ketu Dasha?

If I take mean nodes my Ketu comes in 10th house...but true nodes put my Ketu in 9th house. What is correct True Nodes or Mean Nodes? Astrologers tell me that my Ketu Dasha will be more harmful and dreadful than Mercury dasha....

I am very worried. I am 28 and still unemployed...tried extremely hard but still no employment. I am an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna but now I am going down in spirituality as well...will Ketu dasha make me an atheist?

I understand your feelings. I think your question priority should be (1) employment (2) Going abroad (3) Ketu Dasha Let me analyze your chart. Its Aries Ascendant with its Lord Mars in 5th house shows you are born with para-punya and intellect.

As regards employment opportunities; I feel its just knocking your doors. When ketu signifies 10th house affairs, it gives earning on completion of the age 28. Its lord is Saturn placed in 6th house, so you can expect a job in big govt/semi-govt organisation. Ketu dash from April will definitely be favourable for job prospects for you. By the age of 33 you will be well settled. So keep patience.

Your lagna lord is in 5th house it shows some professional service like sports, physical training, astrology.

The 9th & 12 lord jupiter aspects your lagna that shows some foreign connection but not immigration.

9th lord Jupiter(Vishnu)aspecting your lagna and its exchange with Venus can give you high degree of Bhakti. Do you shed tears when you perform kirtans?

I don't think you could be turned atheist. Ketu doesn't imply this. Ketu when associated with 12 house, signifies Moksha. So ketu will make you more spiritual minded. The placement of Sun-Mer-Moon in 8th house makes you vulnerable to blind beliefs, black-magic, kundlini experiments etc. So take care.

Higher Education is possible. However it might be some postgrad. diploma and not a full time degree. I don't think business management is your plus point. I feel you have bright chances for your marriage during Oct, 2010. Your Venus, the 7th lord is in your 9th house. This indicates that you will prosper after your marriage. Bhagyodaya along with job prospects are interlinked with marriage.

Remedy - Recite Ganesh-gita. In the beginning the lord says " do not differentiate between Krishna and Me. We are one." Lord Ganesh rules over planet Ketu.

To sum up, I can say, you are about to enter a happy phase of life in all directions.

Keep smilling..! Jai Ganesh..!