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I need your advice in sensitive issue related to one of cousins. He is 19 years old and is a devotee of ISCKON. Recently he decided to take Sanayasa from worldly affairs and is living in temple. His parents are very sad and tried to persuade him to come back but he has refused to change his decision and come back. I am just wondering if Sanayasa is temporary phase in his life and that he will come back to his family or is there no chance of him coming back to his family. Any advice is deeply appreciated and will immensely help his parents in coping with this crisis.

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In this case, I think we should streight away go in for assessing the strength of 'Pravajya Yoga' if at all there is any. As we refer to Jaimini Sutras, it is the upapada that denotes the possiblility of Sanyasa. It is stated that "If the upapada has evil conjunction or aspect or if the 2nd from it has an evil planet, he will embrace pravrajya or sanyasa." Here in the present case the upapada is Vrishabha and has no conjuction of a malific. There is no planet in 2nd to upapada. So there is no Sanyasa.

Let us take one more combination for potential Sanyasa Yoga. Two powerful benefic in the sixth house from Arudha Lagna. especially Jupiter, Mercury or Venus can cause powerful Pravrajya yoga (renunciation) especially if they are very strong like being in exaltation in Rasi/Navamsa. Here in the case of your cousin, his Arudha Lagna is Simha and 6th from it is Makara which is empty. So here also there is no combination for Sanyasa.

Now, here when there are no specific Sanyasa Yoga then a question arises that what led him to the present state ? There is one possible reason for the defeat of the ancient combinations for Sanyasa and that is the absence of sacrifice of comforts. While the ordinary Sanyasi renounce the worldly comforts, the new age Sanyasis don't. On the contrary, some have all comforts at their command.

Though there are cases where persons with Venus and Jupiter in 12th house have adopted Bhakti yoga. However, Venus does not allow the person freed from the pleasures. My god pardon me if I am wrong but, my honest guess is that this is his temporary escapade because of a failure in affair. So no sooner he gets some other person to attract him, he will come back to domestic life.

He will be under Venus dasha upto March,2010. At present he is under Venus/Mercury. Mercury is lagna and 4th lord and indicates him to be at home. I m of the opinion that there is definite chance of getting him convinced to come back. Some more efforts should be put.

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