How to get insight into Purpose of Life through Astrology

If we look into spiritual domain of astrology, it can be said that the real purpose of astrological knowledge is to explore the purpose of life. The lessons of life can be found from the areas of life where one encounters challenges. The comfortable circumstances never make us learn anything substantial.

What we my need to learn ? Obviously, the virtues and skills that we have not learnt so for..! These are the things that go into our agenda for the current life. The incarnating soul selects such environment where he/she can learn the virtues one lacks. Unfortunately, in the body-mind state we have no access to the agenda. Astrology is one such tool beside some occult and spirituality exercises through which we may get insight into the agenda of the current life period.

Thru astrology, we can get a glimpse of our lessons as we examine the horoscope and look into what karmic balance we have brought forwarded to this life. The negative planets and houses indicate balance of bad karma. This is normally manifested in the form of challenges and failures. Means, making one put in more and more efforts, repeatedly. Why? Because, we learn only through repetitions.. this is the embedded learning methodology here in the world.

The other way, something can make us learn astrologically, is planetary placements that may entice our focus on worldly pleasures and take us to extremes. This over indulgence will ultimately gives one a big kick in form of exhaustion, failure or emotional setbacks and ultimate awakening to its futility.

Thus, all the negative houses and malefic planets have a spiritual dimension in terms of spiritual lessons.

However, if we focus on Rahu: It is considered under the later category. It makes one run after pleasure and power only to make one frustrated enough to seek the subjects of eternal value.

Rahu is considered Maya. Maya means circumstances that create ignorance towards eternal virtues. Illusion to make one run after worldly mundane attainments.

The tricky thing about Rahu is that Ketu is always there opposite to it. Rahu makes one long for worldly objects and Ketu is considered as renouncing agent. So, Rahu will make one run after illusions and wrong things and Ketu will ultimately make the native awakened towards futility of those subjects.

Find out where Rahu is placed in the horoscope and you can have an idea about illusions and longing in life. Good thing is, Ketu is always associated with it to liberate one from the shackles of illusions.

When one looks at overall picture, there is nothing bad about role of Rahu. Unless it present the attractions and makes one indulge into worldly pleasures, how can one experience its sting and futility? Thus, Rahu is a tricky teacher. A boon in disguise.