What is Numerology?

Numerology is an ancient subject dealing with numbers and their impact on human lives. There are different systems of numerology calculations but we have the Pythagorean method on this site.

We see that Numerology is canvassed to delineate almost all matters for fortune telling. However, we strongly believe that primarily Numerology is a tool to know about our own inner-self and psychological traits. The study of Numerology may help us uncover the latent personal potential and its development. Through the knowledge about the strength and weakness of our character, we can evolve towards perfection.

It also helps us to show us how the world perceives us which may be helpful in improving upon our behaviour.

Same way, through study of Numerology with respect to our relatives, we may develop healthy relationship.

The highest benefit of Numerology comes in the form of understanding of Life Path. This can help us mold our life goals in a way that it can complement the life purpose.

Every number has different vibrations and its occult properties. The traits and characteristics of all the numbers that surround us and our relatives can present very interesting and meaningful study.

Every number has, thus, its own colour and vibrations and that way they are correlated with different planets. Numerological analysis, can be very useful beside astrology and tarot cards. Numbers are also assigned to every letter of alphabet.

In personal numerology, different significant numbers are derived from the date of birth and the name of the individual. At times, these significant numbers are assigned different terms or names by different experts. However, for the sake of uniformity, we will try to examine following important Numerology :

  • Birth Day No.
  • Life Path No.
  • Hidden Desire No.
  • Personality No.
  • Expression or Destiny No.
  • Sub-conscious No.
  • Challenge Nos.
  • Karmic Lessons No.
  • Life Cycles and
  • Name Modification

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