When will I get a new job?

When will I get a new job?

On the basis of the horoscope cast at 10.15 pm on 13th October, 2010, Wednesday; the Mercury, Jupiter and Mars attain rulling. Mercury being the lord of the day, Wednesday would be more effective.

Mercury and Jupiter are placed in 4th and 10th house in the signs owned by them respectively. Placement of Saturn in conjunction with the Ascendent lord and the rulling planet Mercury justifies your question.

11th lord Mars is placed in 5th house with its lord Venus. Moon is placed in 7th house. At present the related period of Dasha is of 5th lord and significator for romance: Venus. This indicates likely secondary curiocity about affairs and marriage besides the main query related with getting a new job.Period of Venus gives luxurious life.

Yearly Chart, Varsh Lagna

At your existing job, the workload keeps you under pressure and you would find it difficult to cope up with the demands of fulfiling job targets. You can expect to get a better job opportunity in April/May, 2011. Till such time it would be wise to bear with the present job.

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