How to know whether Venus is weak in my Chart?

Dear Sir.,,

Some astrologer, while reading my horoscope told me that my Venus is weak and that is the cause of all the problems I face in my conjugal life.

Please explain how to judge weakness of Venus in the chart. I know a bit of Astrology and would be obliged if you guide me.

Venus is not good = Weak Venus or it may be afflicted by malefics

Without reference to its placement context, we may only contemplate upon its natural significance. When Venus is weak in the horoscope, it will create deficiency in following areas of life :

  • Appearance of the native may lack charm
  • It may create issues related with potency
  • At emotional level, weak Venus may create distortion in sensuality
  • The voice and expression of the native may lack rhythm
  • With respect to relationship, Venus signifies female members of the family and may weakens the bond with Wife, Mother, Sister and daughter
  • On social front, Venus denotes Social justice and balance and a weak Venus may adversely affect the sense of social balance of the native
  • Venus stands for beauty and creativity and its weakness may make the person disinterested in enjoying and appreciating joy of creativity and sensual pleasures. If Venus is afflicted, it may lead to distortion in the sexual orientation of the native.
  • Weak Venus may deprive the native of wealth and comforts of luxuries
  • Weak Venus means denial of comfort of Vehicles.
  • On Dharma front, if the person is devotee of a Goddess, the appearance of the image may not be artistic. Could be a primitive feminine form of shakti. It could a horrific idol/image if venus is afflicted.
  • Without support of a positive Venus, experiencing oneness with the beloved or even with the divine may be difficult.
  • Venus, in terms of human life on earth, signifies grounding. When the Venus is weak in a horoscope, the native may have issues of insecurities at the level of his Mooladhaar Chakra and issues feelings of Guilt at the Svadhishthan Chakra. If venus is afflicted by malefic planets, there may be emotional disorders.