What is result of Saturn in Karma House?

Dear Sir.,,

I have read quite a few horrific stories about bad results of Saturn placed in 10th house, the house of Karma in horoscope.

I have found that the Saturn is in deed placed in 10th house of my horoscope. Please share your views on this issue.

The 10th house of horoscope signifies :

  • Activity, Karma and hence Occupation. Saturn signifies Karma and known as Karmadhikari.
    • Thus, it depends upon the approach of the astrologer. It depends upon how he perceives Karma? Some believe the the law of Karma is a punitive law.
    • For others like me, it is a mechanism to provide environment and circumstances so as to facilitate the incarnating soul to take one’s lessons. There is no punishment at all if you look at life from learning and evolving. If you want to learn swimming and if Saturn takes you to water, where is punishment?
    • When we correlate the ‘delaying’ and ‘slow motion’ traits of Saturn with the house of occupation, we can say that Saturn will make the native learn and imbibe one’s lessons sluggish way.
    • When we assign ‘service’ trait of Saturn to its placement in 10th house, we may see manifestation of position in Public Service
  • Status and Authority that a person may attain and when we correlate Saturn’s placement here, we can say :
    • The positive inference from the ‘slowness’ is that whatever the native attains with the Saturn in 10th house, will be on very concrete foundation and will give unshakable position. Though, initially there may be delays. Nothing quick can be expected.
    • Since Saturn is very big in size, it puts the native in a position where the area of operation is very large e.g., Government Deptts. or huge organisations.
    • Since Saturn signifies ‘Old’, ‘Orthodox’, ‘Conservative’ etc., when it is placed in the 10th house, it may engage the native in fields like archaeology and institutes dealing with preserving cultural heritage, museums, archives etc.
  • About Sasha yoga, please note that on detail scrutiny, Saturn in the 10th house cannot give any outstanding rajayoga. When we eliminate possible demerits due to Saturn being badhakesha, marakesha and functional malefic, we are left with only two possible effective Sasa Yoga (a) Saturn in Libra in 4th house and(b) Saturn in Libra in the 1st house and 10th house does not stand the test. (for more about Sasa Yoga, read Worth of Sasa Yoga
  • Rajayoga means providing attainments without much of labour. Saturn, by its core nature, is Karma Pradhan and cannot give away anything without due labour.

We should also consider the special significance about Saturn i.e., its Aspect. Every planet aspects the 7th house from its placement and transmit its influence. What is special about aspect of Saturn?

  • it is its capacity to aspect 3rd and 10th house in additional to normal 7th house aspect.
  • The aspect of Saturn is considered more dreadful than its influence on the house where it is placed.

We can say, the dreadful aspect must be special to the 3rd and 10th Aspect. This way, when Saturn is placed in 10th house, it will aspect the 12th house and the 7th house with its 3rd and 10th aspect respectively.

  • 12th house is house of sacrifice and Saturn’s own traits are also sacrificial.
  • 12th house suggest secret activities and Saturn is secretive, too
  • 10th lord’s aspect on 12th can make a person engaged in a very massive research project for a considerably big part of one’s lifetime.
  • 7th house deals with conjugal and married life. The delaying aspect of Saturn clubbed with the focus in research and occupation may make the person disinterested in domestic personal life.
  • Saturn is ‘dry and cold’ in terms romance and may lead to platonic kind of relationship where its secretive traits may keep the things concealed.
  • Passing through rough roads and trials, Saturn may turn the person a Karmayogi with spiritual attitude.

Let us remember that these are general possibilities and things may have to be fine-tuned with combinations it creates with sign, conjunction etc. Wherever, there is indication of hardship, we need to know that Saturn when in Libra will make the things bit easier. When Saturn is retrograde, there is no need to jump to conclusion that it will be dreaded manifold. It only suggest that it will remain active in the particular zone for a longer time, that’s it