Problems in Married Life

Sir :

I'm struggling a lot since my marriage ,..... mother-in-law and sister in law started to torture me mentally by not allowing me to go to temple, my mother's place, and also they asked me to leave the job.They treat me just as a maid. My husband never understands my problem and he always .....tortures me both phsically and mentally.

........... Now my husband is telling that ..............otherwise he will apply for divorce.

But Sir I love working and I don't want to leave the job only because of........ .... Some times I feel that instead of living with this kind of person and his family better I will lead a single life.But my parents and my brother are worried about my future.

Sir please suggest & guide me what step I should take. ....."


M*** K***

At present you are under the dasa period of Venus/Venus (since last week of Oct, 2010.)Venus, being 10th & 5th lord in 8th indicate possibility of allegations about your character.

The time should have been good for you in professional life. Have you studied management subjects? I would strongly advise you not to give up your job.

The time is tough as far as relationship is concerned. However, the good thing is -

This Venus can give you Bhakti, devotion. It is conjoined with 9th (Dharma) lord Mercury.

You have Saturn in its exaltation sign which will make you wise and philosophical. Keep spiritual reading.

Mangal is placed in your 6th (querrel, rift, enemy) that shows your victory over the opposite party. Thus you can defeat him in the court of law.

Recite this mantra as many times as you can :

ॐ ह्रीं कुमाराये नमः स्वाहा ||

(aum hrim kumaraye namah svaaha.)

Don't worry. God is with you.

May my Lord Bless you with Good Luck.