Ayurveda and Astrology

Would you please explain what is relationship between Ayurvedic concept of Dosha and Astrology?

The ayurvedic concept of Dosha can be correlated with astrology in a very significant way. However, it would be very comprehensive subject and, here, I would just touch the topic in a very brief manner.

Let us understand what the Doshas are and How can we link them with the planets in the horoscope of the native. If we understand this, we may take advantage of both the subjects for the purpose of health as well as, remedies of bothering planetary conditions in the horoscope.

  1. First take up the Dosha Quiz and find out your predominant Dosha.
  2. Find out what it is the nature of imbalance it may suggest with the elements. This can be done from the table 'Dosha & Elements'.
  3. From the table 'Doshas and Planets' find out the planet reflecting the predominant Dosha you have.
  4. If you have health issues, compliment the diagnosis of Ayurveda expert and along with the medicine, undertake planetary remedies.
  5. If you are passing through the Dasa of the planet that represent your predominant Dosha, compliment the astrological remedies with the ayurvedic medicines and dietary prescription to mitigate the dosha.

Let us, with the help of a horoscope, understand how to use this information?

The Dosha Quiz showed Pitta Dosha for the native and in his horoscope, the Lagna and Lagna lord are linked with Sun and Ketu. Both these planets are reflected by Pitta Dosha (Table: Dosha & Planets).

The secondary dosha reckoned was Vata. This is reflected in the horoscope by other prominent planets are exalted Moon and Saturn. Further, Rahu aspects lord of the lagna.

Interesting to know that there is mutual aspect between Saturn and Mars suggesting Vat-pitta combination.