Pitru Dosha


I am surrounded by sorrows due to health and financial problems. I would request you to kindly suggest me some remedies. . My education remained rather below average and could complete degree with repeat trials. In the face of stiff competition, could not get regular employment. After marriage, my father-in-law (who was very kind to me) died untimely and their business collapsed. Then I was detected Diabitic. My daughter is also diabitic. Both have to take insuline injection daily. With the passage of time my kidneys and heart have also got affected. I m dispiared. The only source of income (music)is of seasonal nature whereas the expenditure on medicine and hospitalization is mounting. In between some times, my health becomes quite normal (without any medicines) and then again elapses. I am the only bread earner of my family. Some people say there is some Dosha - Pitru Dosha etc.; some opine its due to influence of some bad spirit. I am tired of life. I am also worried about what will happen to my family, my daughter and wife. Please look into my difficulties and help me. Please suggest me if there are some remedies etc. I will be obliged to you all.

You have born during Vishkumbha Yoga. It is suggested in the shastras that person born under this yoga, has a happy and satisfied family life..Now I fail to understand what made our seers either give a negative name to such a good yoga or positive narration for a bad yoga..How can we expect something good out of a Visha(Poison)Kumbha(Pot). Any how, here in the life of the native we could see, his disturbed family life.!

The chart has to be analyzed keeping in mind the problems related with Diabetes and earning. Further as the native has indicated he is having the only seasonal vocation of Music, Venus remains at the centre of investigation. Now, this Venus is in Kanya rasi in the 10th house. The occupation is justified. But Venus here is debilitated. The weak venus as a lord of 6th house is responsible for Diabetes. Going a little deeper we find that this Venus is under Hasta Nakshtra ruled by Moon (8th lord). This venus is in exchange with the 7th lord Mercury which indicates possibility of this problem after marriage. Abilities and future of children is to be seen from the 5th house lord of the Saptamsha Kundli(As pr Jimini).

This happens to be Mercury (eunch) placed in 8th house and aspected by Venus. The dispositor of Venus is Jupiter and Jupitor's dispositor is Venus. Thus this cyclic relationship of Planets(Venus & Jup) responsible for Diabetes involving houses of dieses (6/8) are related with his daughter.

The next concern is about Dosha, yes the position of Rahu with Moon and Sun With Ketu indicates Pitru Dosha. I personally believe that as Saturn is not involved in this formation, it is not the case of bad spirit etc. This Rahu is in 5th house which causes absense of Male child on one side and on the other hand it suggest that the Pitru Dosha is concerning with untimely and unnatural death of younger co-born(female) of your father. For remedial avenues please refer to a Karmakandi Brahmin.

You should go in for Pitrudosha nivaran as Moon indicates female ancesstors and Sun indictes Father/grand father

You are undergoing Rahu/Sani period and this creates such circumstances where you might experience events simillar to that of Ghost or Evil Spirit problems. Now let us link it with the remedy - this Saturn is placed 12th to Rahu and as such it is negative to the Pitrudosh signification - in other words, it would facilitate the Parihar process. This dasha would run upto January 2010. During the Pratyantar of Ketu(Moksha Karak) January to March,2008, should be the most suitable period for such Parihar.

The Tula rasi is related with Urinary system and Kidneys. Ketu is placed in Tula rasi and its lord is aspected by Saturn. The transit Saturn aspects Tula rasi. I am afraid, when saturn transits to Kanya and Tula, there may be more severe problems.

Besides PitruDosha parihar, you should propitiate Saturn (the karak for Ayushya) and Rahu for other problems. Your Venus is debilitated, Serve your mother and take her blessings. Donate Colourful silk clothes, perfume, scented hair-oil, sandal etc. to a young lady or in a Devi Temple in the evening.(iii) Avoid displeasing your wife, mother or other young women. Don't beat cow. For Saturn -Propitiate Saniswara. On Saturday donate black or dark blue cloths urad daal, black Til, cooking utensils made of tin/iron etc. to beggars or an old and poor brahmin in the evening (ii) Serve the poor, old and lower grade people (iii) Avoid displasure of beggars and old poor persons.(iv) Avoid consumption of mustard oil on Saturdays(v) Avoid sleeping without proper matress etc.

Till such time, you go in for Pitru Dosha parihar, offer water to Pippal Tree every morning.

May My Master Be Mercyfull upon You