Past Life reckoned from Horoscope?

Dear Sir.,,

Is there any indicator in the natal chart to know about past life ?

Telling you frankly, the natal horoscope what we call Rashi Chart or D(1) is nothing but indicator of native’s past life. Of course, it may not show us clearly the interesting details like what we see in some of the hindi movies on past life but it is for sure Prarabdha means, result of the past life Karma.

For the advance seekers of astrology, the Shastiamsa, D(60) shows the Sanchit Karma. It will show the root cause of problems seen in D(1).

Thus, one can examine the D(60) and have a clue about the root causes of this life problems. What one can generally see in D(1) will definitely get verified in D(60).

There are different ways to analyze the D(60) charts. From the malefic proposition in D(60) chart and the houses and the Karaks, karmic relationship with family relations can be identified. Eg., if in D(60) chart, the lord of the lagna establishes inimical relation with 9th house, 9th lord or the Karaka Jupiter, we can say that the strained relationship of the native with his higher-ups, Guru, elders or religion has root cause in the past life. In the same way, other relations can be checked.

But the reverse is not true. What one can see in D(60) may or may not be reflected in D(1). The reason is simple. In the present life, one doesn't avail all the Sanchit karma.

D(1) shows the prarabdha karma, the karma that have ripen to be availed out of the sanchit karma. Some of the Sanchit karma may still remain sanchit and may fall in the prarabdha of some other lives.

Say, we see negative Sanchit karma in D(60) involving marital relationship. But it may not reflect in the D(1) chart because that karma was not ready to give its result in this particular life and has not turned into prarabdha. The other possibility is that there are indications of disturbance in the married life in the D(1) chart and yet the native has not faced any crisis in relationship. This could be possible because, the major dasha of related planets may be plotted very late in life. There is, yet another practical possibility : The native has developed skills of relationship dynamics and with his wisdom, his reactions may be compromising. This way, the impact and gravity of the dosha can be dissipated.

Out of all prarabdha karma seen in D(1), not all the karma will be deterministic. With the application of free-will (Kriyaman Karma), the native may modify them.

What prarabdha karma will be playing deterministic role can be seen by analyzing the Navamsa, D(9) chart. This is the reason (the free-will factor) why an astrologer can predict what would be the circumstances like but can never predict what is going to be the end result. The end result depends upon the native's reaction to the circumstances presented by his past karma. Hope, this makes sense.

This is in deed a very interesting subject of investigative research if Past Life regression cases are analyzed through Astrology. I have this privilege being student of both the streams to study this, not for fantasy but with educative approach.