Karmic Relationship

Dear Sir.,,

How can one identify 'Karmic' relationship from one's horosope?

Everything in a Horoscope is Karmic..!

Horoscope is a statement of balance of Karma A/c activated for this life. We call it ‘Prarabdha’

The source of horoscope is Karmic

  • Whatever we decipher from Horoscope is based upon the past karma of the native. What is the source of happiness or troubles related with; health, physics, family, house, vehicles, relationship etc. in the horoscope? Undoubtedly it is Prarabdha.. and prarabdha is created from Past Karma

When we analyze a horoscope, what we do?

We try to establish links of different significators with the native. What is this linkage? It is always Karmic..!

So, we need to review our own understanding about ‘Karmic Relationship’ if we are labeling particular planets or houses as Karmic.. Why only Rahu, Ketu or Saturn? Bhaiya..everything in astrology is karmic only..!!

This is equally true even if the questioner mean Male-female relationship.

Without Past life links no one can get into any significant relationship, be it parents-kids, siblings, friends, neighbours, colleagues, partners or spouses.

When Finding Karmic Relationship can be meaningful?

In one particular situation, checking the Karmic Relationship would be meaningful i.e., When person is assessing quite a number of horoscopes to evaluate compatibility for marriage. Here, if there are more than one candidates who are otherwise acceptable, finding Karmic links will be useful to come to final selection.

  • Why the utility is not meaningful in other relationships? because there, the native has no option. One cannot select parents, siblings, colleagues or even neighbours.

Quality of Karmic relationship

The unspoken essence of the question is to understand what planetary combination between two persons show painful or tough relationship?

  • Simply from the planetary friendship this can be found
  • If a person’s Malefic planets are superimposing on another’s benefic planets, the relationship will be tough and challenging.

Shreya or Preya?

If we appreciate that the purpose of our life is to learn, we may not have any complaints about relationship.

  • Since, we learn from challenges, some person has to pose challenges to us.
  • Because we never like a person who poses challenges, the role of such person would be thankless. Who will undertake such a difficult task?
  • None other but our real well wisher soulmates would take up this duty.
  • 'Hello' friends never make us learn anything.

Thus, there is nothing wrong if the Karmic Relationship is formed by Malefics like Rahu, Ketu or Saturn. Or should I say, those relationships are real and meaningful?