About Change of Job

Dear ****,

I have studied your horoscope and with respect to your concerns, I must say - 'Never Lable yourself as Unlucky' !

Look around and you will find lots and lots of people who are more competent than you and though have not attained what you could.

It is good to know that you propitiate Shani. Your Moon is directly aspected by Saturn and this makes you worrisome.

You want a change in the time to come, right ? OK.. you are passing through Rahu-Venus period. Rahu is in your 10th house and signifies your Professional life. This also indicate possibilities that you encountered right at the crucial point of time e.g. you might get obstacles when exams are near etc. It doesn't take away your rewards; but can certainly put you under tension. So, you should be prepared if you find some difficulties at the time of your job interview.

The antar-dasha lord Venus is in its exaltation sign and placed in your third sign is positive to provide you all luxuries and comforts in your life. This is also positive for changes. So its positive for you to hope for a change of job for betterment. Let me caution you that you should not take liberties with the opposite sex colleagues.

Keep a photo of your Mom with you and offer Pranam to her when you go for the desired Job. You need blessings of your Mom to progress in life. Please submit your feed back.

Be Blessed.