About Health concerns

Dear S****,

I am sorry to know about your health condition.

However, let me tell you, the astrological ethics do not permit me to venture into accessing the zone of life span.

The placement of Mars in the trine house 5th is very good for you and your horoscope is not that bad as you complaint of. The other trine lord is the big benefactor Jupiter in its own house. The two trine lords are inter-related with the aspect of Jupiter over Mars.

You are bestowed with outstanding intellect and you are 'One-up' in human qualities. You are also likely to develop philosophical and spiritual tendencies. A very evolved spirit in-deed. Come on, S***** tighten your feasts. Face the circumstances. Lagna lord in 5th house, house of remedy is a great hope.

Your concern for surgery is genuine. However, leave it for the medical men. For you, I would suggest that you keep positive about your recovery without serious surgery. Its possible. Let the doctors do whats best for you. Some how, I feel you would recover without surgery. I wish you to read about the functions of the normal liver and learn to visualize. Learn meditation and then treat yourself by visualizing that 'your liver rejuvenate on its own. Keep faith that every cell of our body organs keep on replacing periodically and liver should not be exception to it. Miracles do happen, science takes time to analyze them.

Please Note : I don't suggest you to give up medical treatment. I only suggest you to meditate and visualize to complement the medical treatment.

You can settle in foreign country. You are entitled to a beautiful and luxurious house and vehicle.

The weak link in your horoscope is Rahu with your Moon. S******, this is a Karmic combination and you would not find any wrong you have done for what you are suffering in this life. Well, you cannot do anything for whatever is attributable to previous Karmas. However, this signifies negative mental attributes like 'jealousy' that you should over come in this life time. If you are in India its good for you to offer abhisheka on Shivalinga in a shivalaya.

Be Blessed.

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