Child birth, Progeny etc.

I got married in **** but couldn't conceive until *** **** and was then blessed with a daughter in ****. For this I had to take medicines and all.

Now again I took same medications but in *** ****, I had a miscarriage. Now despite repeating same course again and again I am not able to conceive again.

My patience keeps getting exhausted every month. Now I don't even feel like again going to the doctor.

My question is if destiny has planned only one child for me, cause I am already **.

My particulars are:

**-**-19**; Time *:** am; **********, India.

With Regards and thanks in advance for taking out time from your schedule.

I have examined your horoscope. Venus is the S.Lord of Your 5th house, house of progeny and creativity.

This is in the Nakshtra of Mercury a planet suggests duality. But on its own, it is not capable to gift you with a Child.

The S.Lord of Venus is Saturn. Saturn is known for creating delays and opposing a male offspring.

Thus, Venus being feminine by itself and Saturn being opposing to a male child, I am of the opinion that if you conceive with a male foetus, you are likely to experience a miscarriage.

If we try to understand Saturn, it creates obstacles in the area where a person must have high degree of self-confidence.

It tries to create happenings in such a way that the person's ego would experience set back. So, the best remedy is to find out the things where your self-esteem be high. Surrender to God. Saturn tries to inculcate certain eternal truths e.g. Every thing happens at its right time... I believe, once you are humble this way, Saturn would not create hurdles.

My suggestion : Find out an Ayurveda expert (must be aged with grey hair) and take medicine. The period around 2nd week of July 2013 is quite positive for getting conceived. Saturn is represented with Vayu, so avoid such food that create gas. Avoid fermented foods. The Ayurvedic expert would recommend diet etc for this. Tell him about Saturn-Vayu issue. Keeping low profile and humble spirit is the essence of the whole thing. Be ready to accept any gender of the child.

Be Blessed.