Regarding Foreign Travel, Immigration etc

At present I am working in London under work permit visa. My employer is about to sell his restaurant,and if he does it I have to find a new job,due to strict immigration rules and also pacing it is difficult to change the job.My question is whether i will be able to change my job and permit and complete my required period (still 18 months ) to get permanent residence here. Again I repeat my question is whether i will get the new permit and stay legally and work and get the permanent residence in London.

I have prepared your horoscope. Your lagna is Leo and its lord Sun is in 4th house. Your Moon sign is Kanya and its lord Mercury is placed in 3rd from the Moon Lagna.

Settlement in a foreign Land

For this purpose the interconnection of Lagna lord with 12th house is essential. Houses 9th and 3rd are supporting houses

From Janma lagna : The placement of Sun, the lagnesh, in 4th house without any relationship with the 12 house does not support your idea to settle in a foreign country.

From Moon Lagna: The lagna lord Mercury is movable and its placement in 3rd from the moon in association with 12th lord Sun(separative) is positive for settlement in foreign country.

Thus you have mixed results.

As we look into the Vim.Dasha: At present you are undergoing Sani Mahadasha, Sani mahadash is overall good for job as it is placed in 6th house signifies chakri.The antar of sani is indicative of politics by your colleagues. The vidasha of Sun is not good because Sani-Sun is enimical. This vidasha is operative till end March, 2011. Sun being lord of the janma lagna and placed in 4th house can push you back to your native country.

After March'2011 there you will be under Sani/sani/chandra dasha.Moon being lord of 12th and placed in 2nd (12th from 3rd) with rahu in 12th might keep you tense for issues concerning foreign country.Tension and worries are also likely because of Sani Sadesati operative in the 2nd stage

Sani is the strongest planet on the basis of shadabala and would make you learn eternal truths of life in a tough manner.

In my personal opinion, your wish to settle abroad is not strongly supported by the planetary combinations.


You should observe fast on Saturdays and recite Sani Stotra. Keep your self-esteem low.


I want to ask regarding my abroad settlement.I hav my husband in abroad and one daughter. its been one year i m trying for abroad but unfortunately it is not happening.can i know exactly how is my life gonna be in future and whr wil i really settle .also regarding my career as which wil be the best area for me . the abroad settlement is really taking my nerves now as i am away frm my hubby .

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I have prepared your birth horoscope. You have born with Leo Lagna and your chandra rasi is Mesha. You have Sani and Surya as Vargottam planets. At present you are undergoing Vimshottari Dasha period of Chandra/Rahu/Mangal.

Regarding your settlement abroad.

For long distance and foreign travel, the 3rd, 9th and 12th house are considered. In your chart, your lagnesh Surya is placed in your 3rd house with Budha that happenes to be the natural Karaka of Journey. The 9th lord Mangal is placed in 3rd house with 3rd lord Venus. 12th lord Chandra is placed in 9th house. Thus the inter-relationship between the three house lords is positive indication of foreign travel.

As you are more concerned about settlement abroad, the first house lord should be related with 12th house. If it gets related with 4th and 10th house, it negates settling abroad. In your chart, the Lagnesh Surya doesn't make any relationship with 12th house.

When we consider the question from Chandra Kundli, again your 1st lord Mangal does not make any relation with 12th house. On the contrary, Chandra being 4th house placed in lagna goes negative for settling abroad.

To sum up, I can say, you are likely to visit abroad but more likely to settle in the native country only

Regarding your career

Your 10th house lord is Sukra and its placement in 4th house suggest that Architecture, Computer networking,Computer Graphics, Website Design can be prospective professions for you.

You have Sani placed in your lagna. Sani in lagna makes you worrism. This sani is a delaying factor and its 10th aspect on your 10th house can create some problems with your higher-ups.

The current dasha period chandra/rahu/mangal is good for earning, journies but not favourable for settling abroad.

Blessed Be.