Remedies through Mantras

When we undertake in-depth analysis of any problem, we find that there are multiple causes responsible for its creation. Some of the causes are apparent and some are non-cognizable and beyond the reach of our senses. We have to accept the fact that we cannot notice the objects which are beyond the reach of our senses. With our eyes, we cannot see in dark however a bat can. Thus, there can be causes we cannot notice and yet they can be responsible for our problems.

When we are able to identify the most influencing cause of a problem, we can successfully undertake effective remedy.

Unfortunately, it is not always easy to diagnose the most influencing cause from among the many probable causes of a problem. To overcome this limitation, the best option is to attack the problem from all directions. If we resort to multiple remedial measures for a problem; the possibility of success increases significantly.

One such approach is Mantra. Broadly, mantras as a means of remedy can be classified into two types. The Vedic or religious mantras are meant to be used only by following certain modalities and ritualistic procedures. Further, there are other sanctions prescribed about its sharing. You may like to read more about Essence of Mantras here.

We, therefore, will refer only Sabar mantras which are free from restrictions about sharing and pre-qualifications of the users.