Hoax of Mangalik Dosha


'Mangal' means Auspicious and auspicious functions are therefore, called 'Manglik' e.g. Marriage, Yagnopavita etc. are called Manglik functions. Another meaning of the word 'Mangal' is 'Bliss'. That's why the blessings given by Jain monks is called 'Manglik'. When we apply this meaning to 'Mars' it should indicate 'auspicious' and 'bliss' as it is called 'Mangal'.

However, contrary to its meaning, 'Mangal' spreads fear and frustration amongst the prospective brides, bridegrooms and their elders. Many proposals, other wise excellent in all the visible parameters do not materialized into marriage, only because of the hoax of 'Manglik Dosha'. Mangal becomes 'amangal' for a great auspicious event. With the spread of astrology in all strata of society, this hoax about Mangal is turning into a kind of 'Astrophobia'.

To resolve the misconception, we need to understand what constitute the so called Mangalik Dosha? What is it supposed to inflict ? We also need to understand the likely reasons for such negative tags attached with Mars upon its placement in certain houses of the natal chart.

To begin with, let us understand the nature of planet Mars in Astrology. Once, we understand this, the contradictions can be eliminated and Mars can be analyzed appropriately in the process of counselling the would be couple.

Mars is energetic and makes the native impulsive, active and adventurist. Every thing that relates to enthusiasm, zeal and courage receives energy from Mars. Its the power and force of an athlete and a sportsman. It is courage and bravery of a soldier. At mental level, Mars represents pure logic and power of higher intellect. Needless to say, Mars ignites fire of independence and liberty.

As can be seen in the above chart, when Mangal occupies 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house of the horoscope, the Kundli is considered as 'Manglik'

So let us focus on the characteristics attributed to Mars in astrology. Mars has been known as the Devas’ Chief of Army in mythology. He is supposed to protect the Devas (godly entities). Now, if a marriage is conducted in religious ritualistic manners, why Mars will ever harm the couple? Question can not be raised..!!

Mars is energy. Who doesn’t need energy in married life? It is Mars that is source of energy for anything that reflects enthusiasm, zeal and courage. It is Mars that gives power and force to a boxer and endurance to a sportsman. Mars is the courage and valor of a soldier.

It is Mars that sparks the pure logic and power of higher intellect in the arguments of a learned scholar. Needless to say, I have on my 5th house, aspect of Mars placed in its own sign. It is only Mars that ignites fire of independence and liberty. The person being impulsive, and adventurist is simply the by-product of Mars at its peak.

Mars also signifies : Agriculture, Land, Self righteousness

While keeping above in mind let us also appreciate that one needs to understand the value of ‘social worth’ while applying any of the ancient tenets. We all know that the astrology is most often referred from the old scriptures. Should we not make necessary fine-tuning to use them in today’s society?

We have to admit that the old scriptures were created keeping in view the social needs of those eras. In those days, wars and battles were very taking place very often. Now, just think: who will rush to the battle field to fight the enemy ? Naturally, a person with prominent Mars will be in the forefront. Even when our history sings songs of valor and martyrs, a father of a would be bride would never be willing to see a potential martyr as his son in law..!!

Let us take another view. The society during those days was largely agrarian society. Now in a farm, if there is a lady who turns out greater labour as compared to her husband, what would be the scene? People around will make fun of the husband. The society has been ruled by the males and remained male dominant. Naturally, scriptures were also created with male dominant tendency. So, a girl with strong Mars in her chart has been marked as least acceptable. No wonder..!

Now the society has changed. There are no frequent wars and not every couple works in farms. In most fields, be it education, engineering, commerce, politics or space explorations; girls are out shinning the boys. It is now, the age of equal rights and equal opportunities. The sense of male dominance is also slowly getting depleted. Now, the requirements of new generation are different. So, we need to redefine the rules to assess the compatibility of horoscopes for marriage purpose. Every groom wants a highly educated and well placed bride.

If we want a person with higher education and potential to higher earning, how can we find this potentials in a person with a weak Mars? Remember, Mars is the energy of higher intellect.

Thus, we have seen that with the change of era, the risk of strong Mars has reduced and we are all set to capitalize on the positive traits of Mars.

So what could be the methodology during pre-marital counselling?

We need to ensure that the boy is ready to cooperate the girl of higher potential so that synergistic benefits can be attained in life. He is ready to work with her on all fronts without making ‘male ego’ an issue.

We also need to caution about safe driving etc. if any of the candidates has strong Mars that could lead to violent reactions or reckless driving. The couple be explained about art of keeping calm when the other person is boiling with passionate anger. If one person has strong Mars in 6th house, explain the would be spouse not to generate animosity… the person is a gifted Ajaat Shatru.. Marriage is not a battlefield, its to multiply love and flourish.

Last but not the least, I wish to say that never believe an astrologer if he is making an acidic statement of the view that due to Mars in certain house of one’s horoscope will kill the spouse. This is not at all Astro-logical. Death is too big an event to be predicted from another person’s horoscope. It has to be subject of one’s own chart. If such planetary combination is present in one’s horoscope, it will happen even if one marries with X, Y or Z person