Can Jupiter be always considered a Benefic ?

Know that all the benefice attached with Jupiter are based upon the ‘good old days’. The Classical Astrology hails from spiritual background. According to the value system of Vedic era, Jupiter is believed to represent Brahaspati, the teacher or mentor of the Devas. The Devas were supposed to be class of people following Satvik and Rajasik tendencies. Truth, Honesty, Justice, Dharma were their values. Accordingly, Jupiter was considered a benefic.

Now, in the present age, I don’t think, we normally want to attain our goals through the values denoted by Jupiter.

We want Quick result without hard work. We do not think any reward as a benefit if it necessitates hard work. We want bigger rewards with least labour and that too, out of turn. Except in the form of ‘forwarded whatsapp’ quotes, we do not appreciate higher values or wisdom. We appreciate a Jugaadu kind of accomplice who can get any thing done by hook or crook and seldom appreciate a honest, truthful and a person conducting within the law.

What can we expect from Jupiter in the present scenario? If you are in company of your Guru or a teacher and if you are misconducting, what can you expect? Guru will put you to punishment so that you fall back to the rightful conduct.

If you happen to pass through a notorious area during some riots or other kind of disturbances, can you feel safe with a honest Guru ? I think you will seek refuge with a Bhai or a local Don..!!

So, we cannot say that Jupiter could be a benefic always.