From these experiences, my interest in intuitive and mystic things grew. I started searching the source of the inner voices. I could make out that when we work very hard and seriously on any subject, our unconscious mind takes out the crux and present the inferences. These inferences comes handy when we take up similar subjects.

From a theosophy book on intuition, I found some prerequisite qualities for development of such abilities e.g. genuine intention to help others, compassion, selflessness, purity of heart, faith in higher powers, positive attitude etc. I did not learn any techniques for development of intuitive faculties. The fact remains that these attributes got developed within me naturally as I passed through various events of real life.

I resort to intuitive ways only when I am more than convinced that the person has real and serious issues and deserves my intervention in exploring remedies for him. I do it only in very serious cases. Because, I consider it equal to 'tempering with the natural course of realization of Karma.'

If I, try to explain the phenomena of intuition session, its difficult. I do not follow any set procedure.I just make the person comfortable and open up. I maintain very calm and repeatedly pray within me and to the higher power that pervades all "to help me help the person if I am instrumental in the process of his well-being"

The surprising things I could see during these intuition sessions led me to learn trusting the efficacy of inner voice even when it is beyond logic.

I could make out that there is a state of our being when the logical mind goes dormant and one can penetrate through other domains of life. Other domains are areas or fields made up of vibrations and frequencies. These frequencies are beyond the reach of the sense organs that we possess in our physical body. This is the reason, we are unable to catch those things with the logical mind.

I believe that everyone is gifted with this hidden abilities. Everyone can have intuition. The difference lies in the fact that 'I know and trust that I have it; whereas others don't..!'

We are taught, since our childhood, to operate through the sense organs. We accept things to be 'true' only when they are attested by our senses. This exclusive dependence upon sense organs, creates a kind of attitude to ignore all those things that are non comprehensible through senses. It is like a sheath over all such objects which are made up of frequencies beyond the ambit of sense organs. This could be the Shield known as 'Screen of Maya' in Purans. Advaita declares that this adopted limitation creates all the issues in the Samsara..! That separates the 'Jeeva from Shiva..!

During the session, I try to forego the feeling of separation, the boundaries of 'Me' and the 'Person' for whom I wish to get help. My notions about oneness of the cosmic creations help me in acquiring this state. I also suggest the person to open up..In a way as he would allow me to fumble with his belongings in assisting him finding something he has misplaced..!!

Through my experiences, I found that at a different level, we are all 'One' and we are boundary-less. We can comprehend things even without using our five sense organs.

The other outstanding experience is about 'Time'. While timing up events during the session with the real life events experienced by the person, it was found that time is not sequential or linear. Time is like a liquid in a bulb and events are like floating objects in this liquid. This creates difficulty in correlating things - whether the events seen during the session have already been lived by the person or they are yet to be approached..!!

Throughout the session, the dormant logical mind remains just conscious enough to carry forward the glimpses and to make logical inferences at the end of the session as the focus is shifted back to conscious awareness.

I experience it as glimpses of insight. I take up whatever comes up from the inner wisdom and pass it on. I, reiterate, this is not a skill. It may happen, it may not..! I don't expect any reward for this nor do I guarantee astonishing and miraculous things to unveil every time.

With the blending of intuition and astrological knowledge, I try to help people find solutions to their problems.