Here, I'm a going to share about my exploration into intuitive ways of assisting people resolving their critical issues. In fact, I cannot claim for possession of such faculties. It just happens. In a way, I can say, I am gifted.

With my astrological skills, I had been providing guidance to people, mostly known to me. My relatives, neighbors, colleagues used to approach me for astrological guidance. I used the birth horoscope brought by them. In those days it was not easy to verify whether the horoscope was rightly charted. Preparing birth horoscope, with degrees of planets and periods mean at least 2 hours work.

In the mean time, with the advent of personal computers, preparation of horoscope became easier. So, in the cases where predictions went wrong, there was an easy option to check if the original horoscope has been prepared correctly. It happened in quite a number of cases that the original horoscopes were found to be incorrect. This revelation was strange . It posed a simple question 'How come the earlier predictions made for the native on be basis of the erroneous chart came true ?"

During many instances it happened that things beyond astrological logic were popping up from within. At times the revelations were not in conformity either with the horoscope or with the way I knew the individual. Looking to the discrepancies, suppressing the inner voices, I always refrained from disclosing those issues. In some cases, I could see serious health problems related with a body part of the concerned person. This happened without presence of any unfavourable planetary combinations. Since, I knew the person, being in sound health, how can I put forward my inner voice..?

Withe a few exceptions, I had to suppress the inner voices in most instances. Those of the things, positive in nature were only foretold. However, over a period of time, as I observed past cases, I was astonished to find that predication made and remedies prescribed only based upon intuition were true..!! What once appeared astrologically baseless; proved to be true.

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