How to avoid Free seekers

I am giving below my criteria to filter out petty questions presented before me.

When a person approaches astrologer for seeking assistance, in 9 out of 10 cases, it is all about miseries, pain, failures and duress that the person has been experiencing during the current stage of life. However, just to avoid petty questions, it should be wise to verify the genuineness of the client. Sometimes, the known people approach us for no serious issue on hand. How to do this?

  • If the person is known check the track record of person.
    • If the consultation is free,
      • make him come again once or twice, under any excuse. If he does so, know that he is in real need.
  • If the person is unknown, just a Quoran, check the questions he has posed in past.
    • If he/she is asking different questions involving different planetary combinations without giving complete birth details, know that;
      • The querent is trying to be smart
      • He/she is either learning astrology or
      • He is trying to get his horoscope analyzed free or
      • He/she is collecting opinion of other experts for his own clients.
  • Needless to say, there is no need to waste time, unless you have plenty of idle time.
  • After this logical exercise, the next step is to check it through the planets.
    • Check if the question is ratified on the basis of horary chart
    • Check if he is passing under the dasha that may pose such troubles to the native.

I take up only serious questions and put my best to help the person.