I am a student of mystic sciences and have been analyzing factors influencing human pains and sorrows for more than 38 years. I indulge in research and inquiry in resolving issues of life so that life can be made trouble-free. I love experimenting with remedial measures followed in different cultures and societies.

In my quest for mastering ways and means to resolve difficulties, I became deeply interested in mystic subjects like Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Tarrot, Face Reading, Vastu, Mantra Healing, Reikie, Thiosophy, Distant Healing, various systems of Yoga and Meditation, Surya Sadhana etc.

I acknowledge the motivation and guidance provided to me by my friends who are adepts of various systems during initial phase of creation of this website aimed at guiding people in distress.

Unfortunately, it is not always easy to diagnose the most influencing cause from among the many causes of a problem. To overcome this limitation, the best option is to attack the problem from all directions. If we resort to multiple remedial measures for a problem; the possibility of success increases significantly. With this guiding concept, we have committed ourselves to create a center where all the accepted remedies for every problem or issue would be available under a single roof.

This website is, in a way, is a 'soft' version of the center dealing with Astrological approach.

I feel happy as I could be instrumental in guiding people about undertaking remedies to resolve their problems.

Besides mystic subjects, I am fond of computer graphics, spirituality etc. Irrespective of my being strong believer of Theory of Karma, I love finding effective remedies.I try to correlate the crux of Bhagvad Gita as I find the value of 'free will' during the consummation of rewards of Karma.

I don't have much of respect for the Mystics who frighten the poor people during difficult phase of life.

Personally, the dictum of 'Yatha Pinde; Tatha Brahmande' (What is in your body; So is there in the Cosmos) brightens my path. Knowing pretty well that I am a tiny sub-system of the Great Cosmic System, I take life easy ! Being a great believer of Cosmic System myself, I make people aware about the divine spark within themselves.

|| Aum Tat Sat ||

- VibhutiGanesh -