FAQ About Consultation Service

Beyond free service being provided here on this website, I also provide comprehensive consultation aiming at Empowering the client.

While approaching for astrological consultation many of my clients wish to know about how I work and what can they expect through the consultation? At times they come with some wrong notions. For guidance, here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions:

Q Whether will I make correct Prediction?

      • No. I don't predict events. Many astrologers claim about predicting accurately but it is not the right approach to astrology.
      • By examining the horoscope, we can only get idea about what circumstances can develop but what will be the outcome will always depend upon the way you respond to those circumstance. This power of exercising free-will is always your own.
      • Life can never be predetermined. If everything is predetermined, life will become boring and may end soon.
      • If all predictions come true, astrologers will become Gods.

Q. What way I can be benefited from Astrology Consultation?

      • When you take consultation (not predictions or not just horoscope reading) from an experienced and matured astrologer, you can get:
      • Ideas about challenges or advantages for you
      • Ideas how to improve upon weaknesses
      • Clarity about wrong notions and beliefs

Q. What is my charge per question?

    • I don’t take up exclusive questions. Instead, I undertake a subject of concern as a whole. I make the client to decide an area of life e.g., Health, Education, Profession, Marital Bliss, Progeny, Career, Property, Speculation, Litigation etc.

o With application of Astrology, and other metaphysical knowledge, I try to find out the underlying core issues and

o suggest holistic measures to enable the client lead life in optimal manner.

Q. What will be expected from me?

  • Once you take my service, throughout the process, You will be required to
    • Share lot of personal information.. (Confidentiality Assured)
    • be ready to change your approach.
    • If you are not ready to bring in change in your own way of living you cannot expect different results than what you have been getting.

Q. An astrologer may be able to know everything, why do you seek more personal details?

  • As one needs to tell everything to a Doctor, same way, it is in your own interest that you share more of your situation with the astrologer. This way, we can get better knowledge of the core reasons for the problems and lead to more effective remedial measures.
  • Further, I am not here to get my knowledge proved.

Q. What is offered under consultation?

  • Once you take up my consultation for a bothering subject,
  • I will suggest corrective and preventive measures to improve upon the problems.
  • I will keep in touch to motivate you on the path of your Self-Empowerment and give free advice about the subject for a period of one year from the first consultation. You may keep in touch through phone, whatsapp, email.

The Consultation has a cost:

A consolidate amount as one time Energy Exchange will be accepted for analysis of Horoscope focusing one area of life. Click to know

The way I work

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