How Can Astrology Consultation help you?

To understand how Astrology can help in the face of Law of Karma, we need to clearly understand

  1. What is contribution of Past Life deeds in the present life issues.
  2. What is Astrology?

If we have our funda clear on the above two aspects, we may easily find the essence of Astrology.

To understand the contribution of past life deeds in one’s present life, we need to understand the Theory of Karma. Let me quote some pertinent stuff from my article on India Divine.

  • For this purpose, we need to understand that Indian (Vedic )Astrology has been founded upon precepts of Sanatan Dharma (popularly and erroneously called 'Hindu Dharma) e.g. 'Reincarnation' and ‘Law of Karma..
  • The Law of Karma can simply be stated as: "As you sow, so shall you reap." or "For every action there is equal and opposite reaction".
  • People who believe in 'fate', believe that during their life they are subject to experience certain events in a pre-defined way. This means, that happenings are decided long before they occur. Thus, notion of 'Fate' does not allow any scope for the freewill of a person.
  • If we believe in 'Fate', we enter into an unending loop of the primary element of cause and the subsequent happenings or suffering. Just think 'What is the cause of creation of the Fate?' If the answer is 'Karma', this question is partially resolved. Every Action has equal Reaction. This way, Karma or action of a man is cause of the creation of Fate. However, what is the cause of the first ever Karma ?
  • Every act once performed (whether at physical level or at mental level) creates its reward on the basis of attitude and intention of the doer. Thus, Karma is a process of transformation of 'Action Energy' into 'Reward Energy'. The generation of Karma initiates at Subtle level i.e. in form of thought, desire, wish, intention etc. Every Act howsoever it be gross, its foundation remains subtle. There is no power that can falsify this transformation. However, the time of fructification of Karma is beyond human judgment. On the basis of time of fructification of reward, Karmas are divided into three categories:
    • Sanchit: Those Karmas where the fructification time of the reward is very long and generally beyond the present life time. Arrears of such past Karmas is the cause of cycle of lives of the spirit.
    • Prarabdha: The portion of Sanchit Karma where the rewards are due to be delivered during the present life.
    • Kriyamana: Are such karmas where the rewards are delivered immediately upon performance of the Karmas. An action is done, reward availed and nothing is left out. These are the actions performed through the free will of a person. These are the actions performed in present time.
    • Aagam : Aaagm karma involves all the intentions and plans and agenda that we create. So, these are primarily at mental level only.


Now we need to understand what is Astrology? Astrology works on examination of Horoscope of the native created at the time of birth. In simple words, it is the Map of the sky over the place of birth at the time of birth. The predictive part of Astrology correlates the placement and combinations of planets with the past karma of the person. Thus, astrology deals with that form of karma known as Prarabdha.

Human life is not made up of Prarabdha alone. Had this been so, life would have become mechanical and ended long back. Life is dynamic. It keeps on creating new designs like a Kaleidoscope. How this becomes possible? This happens with the coexistence of Prarabdha and Power of free-will.

We need to recall that Karma is a Reward Energy. There is only one possibility for its manifestation and that is ‘conversion’ into emotional form. This happens through creation of circumstances.

However, a person is always free to react to the circumstances in whatever way one feels right. This reaction will create the outcomes, new circumstance and in turn, new Karma. This way, the wheel of life keeps moving…!

The main point here, to remember, is that Prarabdha only presents circumstances and not the outcome. Outcome is generated on the basis of the reaction of the person in the given circumstance. When a person exercises his right to react, then he is bound by its results. This is Fate.

The phase of reaction to the circumstances is always in the present. This is the phase of ‘conversion of past karmas’ into results and Astrological modifications takes place in this phase. It will change the way of reaction of the person and this modified reaction will change the outcome.

This is the secret of Astrological Remedies.

Let us understand this with the help of an illustration.

  • Let us assume that a person 'A' has to avail the rewards of his prarabdha at his age of 40. The rewards are negative in nature because they are the product of some bad karma performed by the person in past, might be in previous lives.
  • Now, the person takes help of astrology and gets cautioned about the negative period. As advised He performs some remedial measures, let us say, 'chanting of Mahamrintyunjaya Mantra'. This remedy works on different dimensions. Because of his power of faith in astrology and the reverence for the Mantra, positive mental vibrations are generated.
  • The performing of remedy is a Kriyaman Karma because it is done in present time and with an intention to get result in immediate future. As the volume of this Kriyaman Karma increases, the fructification order gets affected. The sequence of fructification of bad karma (destined to be delivered now) gets disturbed. The bad rewards cannot get room to be delivered now. This is the secret of Astrological Remedies.

In this illustration, it should be noted that the Kriyaman Karma is performed by the person him/her self (who is chanting the Mantra). The volume of this act pushes away the negative rewards i.e. Worries, Tension etc. to take place in the life of the person who is chanting the mantra. It cannot affect the Prarabdha of another person even if the mantra is chanted in his name and on his behalf..!

Thus, one emotional impact generates Karma and another response convert it back to emotional energy.

Now a question might arise..What if the person doesn’t resort to Astrology, what would happen?

  • Without appreciating the essence of prarabdha, the person might react in instinctual, retaliating manner and possibly create even worse kind of Karma.
  • This is the reason that one should prefer Astrological Consultation rather than Astrological readings.

Let us appreciate that the Law of Karma is not aimed at punishing a person. Rather, it creates opportunity of learning and modifying our behaviour and evolve.