Is Everything bad..?

Is everything in my horoscope, bad? when will i get good life? At present, no job, no married life.

Is there wealth in my life ?

Passing through very bad days..!

Please help..

No... I don't think so..!!

I know how it makes one feel when nothing favourable turns up. However, let me tell you, this is the period if you take a little care of your mood and attitude, you would gain tremendously in terms of knowledge, wisdom and developing your real self.

At present you are passing through Maha Dasha of Mangal/ Antardasha of Shukra.

The present Dasha is favourable to get married.

I have studied your horoscope and my findings are as follow :

You have a number of good yogas in your chart e.g. Gaja Kesari, Neepuna, Vasumati giving you wonderful speech and convincing power. Further, you have a Rajayoga formed due to combination of 5th lord and 1st lord.

In my personal opinion, because of the above yoga, you might speek more or get into arguments with others.

The placement of Rahu in your 2nd house (Speech) and combination of 1/5th lords in 6th house (Enemy) indicates that people may not favour you because of your speech.

The other weak point is the placement of Sani in your first house. This can turn you pessimist. You may tend to focus on adversaries rather than appreciating what you have.

Saturn is a teacher and its presence in the first house of your chart indicates that you need to learn many bitter truths of life. The way to this wisdom is generally not easy. The major lesson it put forward is about 'diluting personal ego'.

Until you develop low profile, you would be subject to disappointments in worldly gains. The teacher punishes only till such time the student does not learn the correct things. So, if you become humble and lower down your self-esteem (are you proud of your beautiful face?) you would find that Sani would not put challenges before you. This is the easiest way to get relief from problems due to Sani.

You should offer food to poor and aged/ crippled beggars on Saturdays.

From 2012, you would enter Rahu Maha Dasha and would last till 2031. Its a good period as far as physical comforts and success is concerned - you can expect all good things during Rahu Dasha as it is the Atma Karak in your chart. Budha and Surya in your 10th house are forming Budhaditya Yoga.

Your birth nakshtra is Rohini - must be looking very attractive. Lord Krishna had this nakshtra. Know that you are not born to live like the way you have at present. You would certainly lead very happy and comfortable life. Did you ever tried hard meditation practice e.g. Kundlini awakening etc.?

Because of Sani's influence, you get things after lot of delay. You should take this characteristic as basic and should not get perturbed if you get things late.

Wisdom is the most valued thing - If you want it, it would for sure, cost more..!

Be Blessed.

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