Astrology and Horoscope : Distinction

Astrology is a pseudo science dealing with estimating future situations on the basis of set of rules derived through observation of planets and stars. Whereas Horoscope is only a tool of Astrology. Horoscope is a map of the sky visible at a given time and place. The astronomical bodies are presented in geocentric manner for practical purpose.

Indian Astrology is consisting of following 5 branches :

  1. Political Astrology- Dealing with celestial phenomena like eclipses, planetary con junctions, new-moons, etc., their time of occurrence and their effects on nations, countries, etc.
  2. Environmental Astrology- dealing with estimating the climate and weather for the next year. This is largely useful for farmers and traders.
  3. Individual Astrology - This is the form of astrology that deals with individual’s characteristics and potential, strength and weakness on the basis of :
    • Birth horoscope and Dasa Periods
    • Functional horoscope- Here, the birth horoscope is rearranged by putting Moon, Sun and Karaka in the ascendance while maintaining the signs of each planet.
    • Micro horoscopes : These are advance horoscopes e.g., Varga or Amsa charts for different perspectives
    • Varsha Phala : Annual forecast for the individual on the basis of horoscope prepared on the birthday of a particular age.
    • Transit Astrology : This is is also part of Individual astrology. Here the transiting planets (mostly major planets like Jupiter, Saturn, Sun and Moon) are superimposed on the Moon chart of the person and used to narrow down a period of time denoted by the Dasa periods. Thus this is a supplementary timing tool.

4. Horary Astrology : Here horoscope is drawn at the time of the question and delineations are interpreted. This may be concerning an individual life or any other issue of concern. Generally only one most bothering question is assessed at a time.

5. Muhurt or Electional Astrology : This horoscope is drawn in the same way as horary chart but the time of horoscope will be the time of beginning of a new project or important endeavour. There are established rules for muhurt for different activities. The rules are based on Panchanga, Month-day-hora of the Hindu calendar and the astrological features of the principal custodian of the project are matched to find most favourable time .

Thus Horoscope is a tool of Indian astrology, prepared and used for different purpose. It can also be appreciated that not everything dealing with fortune telling is Astrology. Interpretation of horoscope on the basis of established rules is an integral part of Astrology.

Further, this will help a common curious person from western countries in getting an idea of depth of Indian Astrology as compared to mere Zodiac reading