If you know astrology :

Have a look at your horoscope. If you have Moon in Aslesha Nakshatra don't just get carried away with the wide spread rumors, you need to see carefully and only if your Moon is in the 4th Pada and if you see any adverse impact on the life of your mother's health, you need to perform remedies :

If you Don't know astrology :

Here is a self-check to see if you have effective Ashlesha Dosha.

  • Do you feel that you very frequently turn anguished?
  • Do you have unrest within you smoldering all the time?
  • Do you keep watching for opportunities to settle scores with your opponents?
  • Do you find it difficult to forgive people even for the small bad they caused to you?
  • Do you find it uneasy to keep settled and quite at a place for a long time?
  • For female natives : if you love your partner very much but your married life is disturbed and if you have rifts with your mother-in-law.

If you have 'Yes' for answer to most of these questions; you have an active impact of Aslesha Dosha and you should perform parihar for it.

Remedy for Ashlesha Dosha

Mercury enjoys lordship over this nakshtra and according to hindu mythology, Mercury signifies Devi Parvati. Thus appeasing and propitiating Devi Parvati would get you relieved of the Dosha.

According to some authorities, they signify Ashlesha with Serpent and its remedy involves rituals on Silver Serpent symbolizing Aslesha. You need to perform the parihar during Aslesha Nakshtra that follows your birth day.

The third pragmatic remedy is to exercise discretion (Viveka) in expression. The venom of the serpent and expression of Mercury may create challenges in the way of expression. If the native cultivate restrain from vindictive tendencies and can remain polite, he/she can take optimum benefit of the latent power of coiled serpent.

Native who have Aslesha connected with the lord of the 7th and/or 8th house and if indifference is visible in the conjugal life, it is an indication that the native is potentially poised for occult and spiritual upliftment in the present life time. Diverting one's resources and effort in this direction would be the right remedy.

Darshan and Archana at Thirusakthimutram, Near KumbaKonam, Tamil Nadu will be very advisable for resolution of problems in married life.