What happens when Sani Dasha Start?

First of all we need to remove the misconception that Saturn brings in infirmities to a native. Infirmities are weaknesses and when an authority judges one, those infirmities will have to be fixed. So, if Saturn judges a person, the person will be put to refinement. Needless to say, influence of Saturn will thus strengthen the character and empower the person.

To understand the function of Saturn, we need to understand the role of a System Administrator. The transit of Saturn or Its Mahadasha or Antara can be compared with the visit of such a System Administrator. What will happen when the administrator visits the Unit? All the activities undertaken by the person, so far, will be checked against the eternal rules laid down by the Universal System.

Jeevatma (spirit embedded in to physical Body and operating through Mind) because of Maya (attractions in the Environment) becomes ignorant of its true self and the purpose.

Not finding the presence of any discipline inflicting authority, the person is tempted to act in self-centered manner. As a result, for easy gains one succumbs to many irregularities, shortcuts, unhealthy practices and undue manipulations.

If this continues, the unchecked deeds of a person as an individual and collectively as a society, will not only be detrimental to the purpose of the incarnating spirit, it will create large scale disorder in the overall evolution of human psyche in the world. To fulfil this requirement, there is a provision of periodic audit and maintenance in the form of Saturn Transit and Dasha antara of Saturn.

Due to its distance and slow motion, Saturn oversees the influence of all planets on the native. It has a record of all activities. During its active intervention period, all those irregularities and manipulations undertaken by the native get exposed and the native is made to fall back on eternal path.

Let us see, what can be experienced during period of Saturn’s active intervention with all the sub periods:

Saturn-Sun :

If the native has ignored the value of eternal oneness; gone headstrong, excessive authoritarian and overlooked the views of peers, his position will be challenged and has to step down. This is not to punish him, this is only to make him realize that value of social justice and democratic norms.

Saturn-Moon :

If the person has hurt emotions of others and kept flying in the imaginary dream world, the person will experience emotional setbacks. Again, not to punish him but to put him back on practical life and live with empathy for others.

Saturn-Mars :

If the native has used his power and energy in a wrong way or has taken undue advantage of his guardian position, the native may experience setbacks. Again, not to punish him but to put him back to rightful use of energy, be it his speaking, spending money or use of power of logic, intellect or that of muscle.

Saturn-Mercury :

If the native has misused the power of expression, misguided others with ambiguous advice, misrepresented the facts for his own personal gains, the native will be caught and may experience guilt. Again, not to punish him but to put him back to rightful use of expression.

Saturn-Jupiter :

If the person has been compromising with the ethics and moral values, conducting out of greed and showoffs, showing more than what he is and ignoring his duty to exercise justice, the native will experience setbacks in the society. Again, not to punish him but to put him back to ethical path and Dharma.

Saturn-Venus :

If the person has been excessively pleasure seeking, compromising social norms, indulging in addictions and keeping clandestine relationships, the native is likely to get exposed and suffer physically as well as socially by way of disrepute. Again, not to punish him but to put him back to rightful use of senses and to honor the social norms.

Saturn-Rahu-Ketu :

During this period or when the transit of Saturn creates combination with natal Rahu and Ketu, the native will undergo reconstruction or rectification process for all the irregularities found during the audit.

At times the native may be prompted to do some more wrongs so that it will cross the threshold and fall under process of rectification. This is like drinking soda-water when we are suffering of gas in the stomach. The soda-water creates some more gas in the stomach so that the pressure is high enough to get released.

The native may get realization about eternal values and develop renouncing attitude from the excesses of worldly allurements.

Exalted Saturn :

People with exalted natal Saturn or Saturn aspecting Moon in their charts may not be put to rigorous testing circumstances during Saturn dasha or transit. The reason being such a Saturn is an indication that the native has passed through several ethical audits during his past lives and has inculcated eternal values in one’s character. The person has high degree of sense of self-discipline. They are already inclined to spirituality and need only a slight spurt of transit Saturn to be on the track.

To conclude, I may say, there is no need to get afraid of Saturn. It is a refinement period. It is similar to a Shutdown process in a factory where things are rectified and put back on the right system parameters.

If you have been using a Maruti car, what happens when you need to take it to the Authorized Maruti workshop? They will put your car on their computerized scanning system and check the irregularities in the car. They will remove all make-shift alterations, spurious parts, engine and gear oil etc. done by local auto garages and replace with the genuine parts etc. We never feel upset. We feel happy that ultimately it will rejuvenate our car.. Same way, when Saturn comes, we need to keep patience and appreciate that we will ultimately get purified and empowered.