All about Nadi Astrology

What is Nadi Astrology?

Many get confused with the word Nadi because it is also used different contexts. Within astrology discussion it is generally indicated as one of the components of Ashtakoota, the Indian system to assess horoscope compatibility of potential candidates for marriage purpose. A slightly advance users of astrology come across Naadi Astrology as a school of predictive astrology. Another source where the word Nadi is used is Nadi Pariksha, as a diagnostic process of Ayurvedic health science.

However, for the purpose of this post, we will be focusing upon the Nadi Astrology as is being practiced in the southern India. Here, Nadi Astrology is a system of astrology where predictions are made on the basis of recorded predictions believed to be written by ancient sages.

Nadis can be classified on the basis of system followed. They are based on Divisional Horoscopes; based on Nakshtras or constellation; based on Karakatva (significance) of planet; based on Mantr; based on Physical Body - specification of feet, thumb impression, shadow etc.; dealing with medical aspects etc.

Most popular are those dealing with life predictions pertaining to specific persons who are destined to seek guidance at a specific time and age. We will elaborate on this type of Nadi astrology here.

On the names of the great sages, who visualized the lives of natives, the records are named after them e.g., Agasthya nadi, Bhrugu nadi, Vasistha nadi, Shukranadi, Kak-Bhujander nadi, sapta rishi nadi etc.

History of Nadi Astrology

It is believed that the original revelations were maintained in oral way in guru-shishya parampara and later scripted in Sanskrit language. During the period of King Sharabhoji II (around 1832) the original Sanskrit palm leaves were translated into ancient Tamil language. It is believed that the original sanskrit manuscripts were destroyed after the translation. During British rule, the nadi leaves were acquired by the Government and later they were auctioned. The persons who bought them are are custodians at present. Nadi astrology service providers are largely concentrated in and around Vaitheeswaran Koil area of Tamil Nadu, India.

How can one obtain Nadi Astrology guidance?

I don’t intend to disappoint you but it has been observed that this is not a service that any one who is ready to pay for it can go and get it. The nadi leaves have been created in such a way that they reveal life predictions only for selected persons and that too, when they seek guidance at a specific time and age. Thus, who all will be able to get guidance from the nadi astrology is already predetermined. The word ‘Nadi’ itself means ‘time of seeking guidance’. Many have to return empty handed from the nadi astrology centers. Either they are not destined at all to get the guidance or the time remains inappropriate…!

The procedure for seeking Nadi guidance :

An index of appropriate Nadi is identified from the archive of the nadi center on the basis of the thumb impression of the native taken in the beginning of meeting. From this index the correct leaf or the native is identified. This is done through series of short questions where each question has to be answered in affirmative ‘Yes’. This is the most amazing part of the consultation as it unfolds, the name, age, occupation of the native, names of parents and spouse (if the native is married at the time of consultation), number of siblings and their general life conditions, landscape of the place of birth and even birth horoscope are revealed here..!

As the specific leaf is identified, the nadi reader will ascertain the type of reading sought by the native. It may range from general reading to advance detailed reading, Sukshma-ati-sukshma reading, past life flaws and the corrective remedies and preventive measures e.g., Parihara and Deeksha.

It takes further time in noting down the respective portion, translation and audio recording of the predictions. In a way, it may at least take half a day.

How much would it cost?

The general reading costs approx. Rs. 1200 to 1500. However, who is going to restrict oneself to just general reading? It is difficult to resist from going into more detailed reading particularly after astonishing experience of revelation of one’s personal details so accurately..!! The advance readings may cost additional Rs.1200 per chapter.. and if you are more fascinated, the advanced reading like sukshma-ati-sukhma may cost approx 13 to 14000 per person..!!

The cost of remedies may vary from case to case and it would include expenses for travelling to different temples, (most located in and around Vaitheeswaran Koil area of Tamil Nadu), offering, pooja charities and anna daan etc. If properly planned, the same can be performed in a day if you travel by road in exclusive hired vehicle. The pooja archana, abhishek may not be very costly as in most temples the dakshina charges are administered by the trusts. It may range from average Rs. 251 to Rs.1100 at each temple. If you are travelling from other part of the country, you may experience a bit of language problem but at most places, you may be able to engage a guide from among the flower vendors if you are ready to spend Rs.100 or so. This is not too much when we compare the huge expenses we incur while we go on pilgrimage.

The most costlier is yet to come. If you opt to go in for preventive measures, the nadi readers offer some protective Yantra and pooja that they will undertake on behalf of the clients. This is to be done for a long period of time say.. 3 month, 6 months or an year. The cost of this, including the pooja samagri etc. would be naturally quite high.

My personal opinion

  • About the quality and authenticity of revelations..
    • In my personal opinion, the readings obtained from ancient palm leaves provide details about the native with astonishing accuracy..e.g., Name, age, occupation of the native, names of parents and spouse (if the native is married at the time of consultation), number of siblings and their general life condition, landscape of the place of birth and even birth horoscope. With my experience of more than 40 years into astrological studies, I can say with certainty that this kind of revelations of very personal details with such accuracy would never be possible through horoscope analysis even if the astrologer is knowledgeable in the best possible way. So, undoubtedly there is no tricks played here and the divine source is at work..!!
    • There are people who accuse this procedure of identifying the correct nadi leaf for the individual as :
      • During this time they are asked to wait in a room which is wired and the conversation is spied upon.
      • The interpreter is a clever to note the reactions of the client and those who accompany them, to check the accuracy of the predictions.
      • Pointed questions are asked to ‘predict’ the background of the clients- questions like caste, religion etc.
      • Names and other specific details are rooted out by trying to guess the first alphabet of the word followed by the second one and so on by a process of elimination.
      • Most of the information is provided by the client through their reactions to yes or no questions or from subconscious body signals.
    • The fact about all such claims is : It is easier easier said than done. Why do those intelligent guys try those tricks and be able to know name of at least one stranger? None of the accusations is true.
  • About the sanctity of the leafs:
    • I personally believe that the objective of the original palm leaves cannot be of predictive nature. They may be intended to guide the natives on spiritual path and emancipation. This could be by way of exposing the native to the wrongs he/she has committed during the past lives and to bring in awareness to the karmic bonds. The remedies by way of offerings to various deities is to get rid of past karma. The availability of nadi leaves for specific natives is a proof that the guidance is meant only for the selective persons and the same is validating the spiritual purpose of the nadi leaves. Naturally not everyone is interested in spiritual seeking and cannot be considered evolved enough to be guided on spiritual path. Had the leaves been meant for predictions about mundane issues, there would not be such a selective approach.

  • There is enough reason to believe that the original leaves were tempered and modified in such a way that they can be used for earning livelihood. To make this possible, there may be addition deletion in a way that more dakshina can be obtained from the seekers. There is a strong belief that this contamination took place when the leaves were translated from original sanskrit manuscripts. The belief that after translation, the original manuscripts were destroyed, strengthen the possibility of contamination for a vested interest.
    • There are many possibilities e.g.,
      • the original Nadi may not be consisting of any future reading at all because the word 'Nadi' means 'the time of consultation'. So there may not be anything beyond the time of consultation..
      • if there was future reading as well, and if there was no mention of any improvement in condition of the life of the native, it is likely that there may not be any mention of remedies, too
      • Now, who will be ready to pay hefty dakshina just to know either only past till time of consultation? or if it is revealed that there wont be any improvement in condition?
    • To make it more useful to the seekers who are only interested in mundane matters of physical life comforts etc., the original leaves might be modified by omitting the spiritual portion and supplementing with remedies.
    • This alteration serves two objectives :
      • It provides a conditional hope for better days to the natives once remedies are undertaken.
      • More dakshina through remedies to be undertaken by the nadi astrologers on behalf of the natives.
  • About the accuracy of future predictions
    • Although, the personal information revealed in the palm leafs come true in a very astonishing manner and gives mind boggling experience during the consultation meeting, the review of experience about future predictions has not been very satisfactory.
  • About Remedies
    • The pariharam: This is the heart of nadi reading. I would recommend that every one who has been prescribed pooja, archana, abhishek and charities etc. at specific temples should undertake this with faith. All the temples are ancient and radiate pious vibrations. Sages who have shown highest reverence to Gods and their recommendation of pariharam to mitigate the past karma should be taken utmost sincerely.
    • The Deeksha : This is about yantra and ritualistic puja, mantra etc. I would suggest that the client should ask for yantra and opt to perform pooja and mantra reciting by oneself. Proxy pooja by the Nadi Astrologer on behalf of the client doesn’t seem possible practically. I have observed that the so called Guruji (Chief of the Nadi reading center) has no time to be present at the place of Nadi reading.. I wounder, how can the same Guruji will have time to perform certain ritualistic pooja daily for a couple of months on behalf of the client.. and remember, the nadi consultation centers are generally House-full..
  • About way of working at Nadi Astrology centers
    • It is always better to visit Nadi astrology centers with prior appointment.
    • They have limited time of the day and as such they don’t afford to spend more time in locating Nadi. This is the reason that at times they ignore the client whom they make out to be interested in general reading only.
    • Unfortunately, if there are NRI clients on the same day, know that you have to bear with 2nd class treatment because $ is dearer to Indian Rupee..!
    • There are sub-centers in other towns. They have only index nadies and once they find the appropriate reference, they need to get the supplementary leaves from the main center. This may take quite a few days. It is, therefore, always better to visit Vaitheeswaran Koil where there are some good nadi readers.
    • Once you are here in Vaitheeswaran Koil, there may be many who will claim to be holding the original and authentic nadis and.. there are many Shiva Samis..!! So, getting a trustworthy reference is always better.
    • Online, distant service offered by some websites is OK but one may miss out on performing pariharam personally and may have to settle with proxy pooja alone. Because they do not undertake the index search ‘online’, the clients may be required to share lot of personal information for the purpose of validating the correct nadi leaf.
  • Is Nadi astrology predictions superior?
    • As far as accuracy of predictions is concerned, the revelation from nadi about the past and personal details up to the time of consultation is absolutely outstanding. No doubt about it. However, the reviews about accuracy of future predictions are not satisfactory.
    • Under the circumstances, a question must arise: Who doesn’t know the personal past? And if future predictions are not so accurate, why should one bear the hefty cost only to personal details?
    • Many people who do not have record of their birth time and date, may be able to find their date of birth and horoscope from nadi leaves. For them, this is very valuable service..
  • How to learn Nadi Astrology?
    • Because of the spread of miraculous nadi readings stories, the interest for learning Nadi astrology has increased to a great extent. To take advantage, there are books in the market. However, if one buys such books, its practical use will be very upsetting experience. Some books are very badly written presented.
    • I have studied many books on Nadi Astrology and unfortunately found that no book is showing any technique through which one can predict accurate details of the client from the horoscope. There are some books with bulky volumes dealing with Nadiamsa and if you scan the whole book you may not find interpretation of more than a very few Nadiamsa..
    • Best advise would be to get first hand review of the book from a person who has read it and found practically useful.
    • The nadi astrological centers do not undertake any activity to provide training to general enthusiast to learn the art of decoding the nadi leaves. This is being kept restricted to the close family members only.
    • Many astrologers are now branding their services as Nadi Astrology. Innocent people who do not know exactly what is Nadi Astrology? and the authentic source, gets diverted to those astrologers who are creating ambiguity and run their business camouflaging as ‘Nadi Astrology’. Legally, they may not be proved wrong.. but they know well that the people who are drawn to them are under the impression that the predictions would be from the scripts on palm leaves written by ancient seers thousands of years back.
    • There is a astrologer (I avoid giving personal name) who is otherwise a very knowledgeable astrologer and has been doing a great service to astrology through his tutorials. However, unfortunately he brand his system as Nadi astrology whereas the type of astrology he is practicing and promoting is Steller Astrology commonly known as KP Astrology and not the one done thru the palm leaves reading.

To conclude :

I can say, yes Nadi Astrology is a wonder of Indian Ancient Seers that has, unfortunately, been passed into questionable hands. Even when it has been tempered with vested interests, it still vouches the glory of divine knowledge to the tune that it provides very accurate information about the native to the point of time of consultation.