Nadi Astrology


I have been helping people by way of astrological guidance for more than 35 years. It started as a hobby and since I was in a respectable employment, i never charged for the guidance.Because of free service, many of my friends and acquaintances were habitual to visit me quite often. In the mean time, i found a visiting Nadi Astrologer in our city. His charges were pretty high but I thought, let me verify the faith of those who have been taking my services and yet left with some unresolved issues like male progeny etc. So I took them to the nadi astrologer.They were amazed with the finding of accurate personal details and were more than happy to go in for Pariharam (remedies) suggested by the nadi astrologer. This included pooja and pilgrimage and needless to say, quite costlier. I became instrumental in taking approx 25 persons to the nadi astrologer this way.

About a year, passed and what I found? There were cases involving parents expecting a male child were disappointed as they had one more female child..! And these were the people who were accurately diagnosed about lack of male progeny during initial nadi reading and later recommended for pariharam.

This was a set back to me as well for I had been instrumental for whatever happened. And this led me to think about what went wrong?

Irrespective of above set backs, I have had my own nadi readings at different times and it has always amazed me and it led me into understanding the secrets of nadi astrology. My approach to nadi remained largely of understanding the basics of astrology used by the rishis rather than getting future predictions. I have also read the books on nadi system of astrology by stalwarts in the field like Sh CS Patel, Sh Santhanam, Sh RG Rao, Sh Bhasin, Sh Bhagat etc.

Let me share some of my findings :

  • The nadi readings were accurate in revealing the shortcoming of the person.
  • Past till the point of consulting the nadi was remarkably accurate.
  • Future predictions were not accurate
  • As a matter of fact, future predictions cannot stand true in many cases because of dynamics of free-will.
  • This could be due to wrong interpretation by the reader
  • This could be skillful manipulation of the nadi reader just to appease the clients.
  • The degree of prosperity shown in nadi needs to be synchronized with the standard of living in the present time.

For example, if nadi says, the native will be like king with royal ride, we should know that in the present era, most people in urban areas have an a/c car which is of course, more luxurious as compared to elephant ride of a king of past, but the same cannot be deciphered as a Great King or a Powerful person.

The pariharam, remedies did not fetch any improvement as promised.

This could be, again problem of interpretation. It is quite possible that the rishis in the naadi did show a possible course of correction for the negative past karma and did not say that it will alter the outcome completely. It may be only due to expectation of the client and the attitude of the nadi reader that created a different perception.

The clients were suggested to perform pooja at the place of the nadi astrologer and in some cases at the nearby temples. Whereas, I found that in original nadi scriptures, the places prescribed for performing Pariharam are located in Southern India only. This is because the rishis of the nadi are from Southern India.

If we believe and trust the nadi, we should also honour the places for pariharam as recommended by respective rishi only.

The nadi reader, on his own discretion, should not offer easy options to the clients.

As far as understanding the astrological working of nadi, at times I find that

  • There are tedious ways to reveal some personal things of the native e.g.,
    • Circumstance at the time of birth
    • Direction of house, door facing, nearby temple etc.
    • whether father was away
    • Husband of the Daughter of father’s elder sister being prosperous and powerful
  • These tidbits could be good to impress the clients but have not much of practical help to the native.

What is the Take?

Undoubtedly nadi astrology is most amazing astrology tool gifted to us by our great rishis but we need to use it with reaching up to their expectations about our caliber to understand and respect law of karma and without succumbing to fatalistic ideology.

Accept the personal drawbacks shown in the initial nadi reading and try to bring in the expected modification in our behaviour.

Pariharam should be performed at the time and place prescribed by the nadi without compromising on the basis of local convenienc.

Be vigilant about possible appeasement tricks of the reader particularly if he is mediating in the process of pariharam. The genuine nadi readers do not normally take up pariharam on your behalf, they will only read what is written in the nadi.

A good workaround could be to take the nadi readings and perform pariharam with faith and reverence but don’t stop here. Consult a wise spiritually oriented matured astrologer and ask him to analyze the nadi readings. He will be able to guide you about how to mold your future conduct so that you do not end up continue generating the karma in the same pattern. This is very important because normally the nadi readers are very busy and have neither time nor competence to explain the karmic essence of the reading. They have just enough time to translate the nadi readings into ‘working’ English.

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