Vipareet Rajyoga

Let me explain the logic of Vipareet Rajayoga. Once you know this, depending upon the elements involved in formation of such a yoga, you can estimate its strength.

First let us scrutinize how Vipareet Raj Yog works.

Generally Rajayogas, are built upon placement and relationship between lords of benefic houses e.g.

  • Lord of Lagna placed in Kendra or Trikon house
  • Conjunction of lords of Kendra and/or Trikon houses
  • Exchange between lords of Kendra and/or Trikon houses
  • Aspects between lords of Kendra and/or Trikon houses
  • Planets in own or exalted houses.

The underlying logic for the beneficial results can be identified as

  • Relationship of planets in positive houses increases their strength.
  • Since the planets involved are related with positive houses, the increased strength enhanced the comforts = Rajayoga

When we alter the above logic , what we find? Naturally:

  • Relationship of planets in negative houses will reduce their strength.
  • When positive house lords related in positive houses increase their strength for giving beneficial results, the negative house lords placed in negative houses should reduce their strength of giving negative results. This is Vipareet Raj Yoga.
  • Reduced negative results = Advantage to the native
  • This advantage can be compared with a boat sailing in absence of winds from opposite direction.
  • In mathematical terms this can be called ‘2 negatives makes 1 positive.

We know that the houses 6, 8 and 12th are known as (Trik), negative house and their lords are significators for sickness, obstacles, paucity, expenses, etc. So, when lords of such houses are placed in own signs (Trik house), or are in mutual exchange, they respectively lose their strength of harming the native. In Vipareet Raj Yoga this planets are interrelated. Means they reduce each other’s negative power and the native will relatively be in advantageous conditions.

Some of the classical books of astrology put a rider to the meaning that there should not be any aspect or influence of benefic planets on the formation of Vipareet Rajayoga. However I don’t agree with it simply because the benefic influence cannot reduce the advantage accrued out of absence of obstacles. It is a matter of commonsense that adding a motor to a boat sailing without opposing wind can never reduce its speed.

Involvement of benefic planets can possibly reduce some advantage of VR only when the VR is formed by malefic planets. This could be due to the fact that the benefic planet like Jupiter, because of its values, may stop the native pursuing the advantages offered by malefic planets.