The Mystery of 'KalSarpa Yoga' Unveiled..! (contd..)

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It is clear that the above mentioned sloka has nothing to do with personal astrology (Jatak Jyotish) & is related to mundane astrology (Rashtriya Jyotish).

In that same magazine, another writer supported this combination by refering it to classics like Brihat Jatakam by Varahamihira & he wrote about Sarpa Yoga, the condition of which is Sun, Mars & Saturn in kendras while the rest of the planets in houses other than kendras, & this combination is mentioned in the chapter of nabhas Yoga of Brihat Jatakam, Saravali by KalyanVarma, & in the texts of Badarayan, Manish & Garga etc.

We know that Varahamihira has discussed about the existence of Sarpa Yoga in his Brihat Jatakam(chapter of Nabhas Yogas). According to him, if malefics are in Kendras then that combination is known as “Sarpa Yoga”, & he has taken the name of Maharshi Parasara to support this yoga. Bhattotpal, commentator of Brihat Jatakam, also named Mahrshi Manish & Badarayan. However, this yoga didn’t include Rahu & Ketu, as in the texts of Varahamihira, Rahu or Ketu hasn’t been accepted or any importance. Bhattotpal has made it clear about the condition for Sarpa Yoga, he says,

“yeñu keñu triñu kendreñu päpakñaya süryabhaumasaurä tabanti na kaçcit kendre bhabati saumya graha tadä sarpo näm yogo bhabiçyati”

-that means if Sun, Saturn & Mars occupy then it is Sarpa Yoga (while other planets are not in kendras). Dr. P.S. Shastri has said the same in the Astrological magazine of June, 1994. So we can see rahu or ketu has got nothing to do with this ominous yoga viz., Sarpa Yoga.

We can deduce that Kal Sarpa Yoga has no reference in classical texts, nor supported by any astrological texts, because Maharshi Parasar, Jaimini, Varahamihira, Ramanujacharya, Kalidas, Baidyanath Dixit, Benkateswar Daivajna, Mantreswar, Chuntiraj or famous astrologers didn’t accept this yoga.

Results of Rahu & Ketu.

It is generally considered that one having Kal sarpa Yoga will have a ruined life will devastating results, as all other planets start acting as malefics as they lose their potential to do good--- thus violating the basic rule as prescribed by Maharshi Parasara. In his book Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra, Maharshi Parasara has told us how to analyse the results of Rahu & Ketu-

“yad yad bhävagato rähuù ketuçca janane nåëäm| yad yad bhäbeçasaàyuktastat falaà pradiçedalam||” ,

Rahu & ketu will give results according to their houses they are placed & according to the conditions the lord of those houses that are placed in a given chart.

If rahu & ketu, who do not have any power of their won to give results, then how the good results of planets placed between Rahu & Ketu will nullify does not have any reasonable answer.

It is clear according to Maharshi Parasara, that Rahu or Ketu does not have anything of their own(as they are Nodes). So we cannot agree that presence of all planets between Rahu & ketu will nullify all the good results of the planets placed, & results into Kal Sarpa Yoga. Without any doubt, Rahu & Ketu are natural malefics and in Brihat Parasara Hora sastra we find many yogas formed by Rahu & Ketu alongwith any other malefics, but no yogas are mentioned, which is formed by Rahu & Ketu.

We know that a planet’s role (both as a benefic & a melefic) depends upon its nature, according to lordships, according to its position, according to combinations formed.

As for Rahu & Ketu, they can’t give results according to lordship, but they have a major role to play according to their placements. If Rahu & Ketu is posited in a benefic’s house or related to any benefic, then definitely it will give good results, which has been seen in many of the charts.

Now let us discuss on Rahu & ketu according to various

classical literatures.

In Laghu Parasari, in 2nd Chapter, 8th sloka, it is clearly said that if Rahu or Ketu are posited in Kendras or Trikonas & if they are related to lords of Kendras or Trikonas, then they become Rajyogakaraks.

As you know, malefics if occupy Upachayas(3,6,10,11 houses from Lagna) then they give good results. So if Rahu & Ketu occupies the above said houses, no doubt they will give good results.

In Manasagari Paddhati, a very similar sloka is very appropriate in the current context of discussion. In that very text, presence of Rahu in Vrishabh, Kark, Simha & in Kanya have been eulogised & it is said that Rahu acts as a Rajyoga karaka. The results have been seen in many natives life, where Rahu is posted in any of the above signs of zodiac. In Bhavarthratnakar by Shree Ramanujacharya, we find that presence of Rahu in 4th, 5th, 10th, 11th, & in Kendras & konas & presence of ketu in 3rd bhava is considered to be auspicious & there it is said that Rahu & ketu in their own dasas will give results of similar to rajyoga (9th Chapter, Sloka-3-4). In the same text, Shree Ramanujacharya has considered Rahu to be a Rajyoga Karak, even if he occupies the 7th bhava.

As said earlier in the same text viz., Laghu Parasari it is said that Rahu & ketu if occupies the kendras & konas & even if they are not related to kendra or trikona lords, still in their own antar dasas will give results similar to Raj Yogas (chapter 4, sloka 8).

While discussing about Rahu bhukti under Rahu dasa, Maharshi Parasar says in his book that it is always auspicious to have Rahu in Kark, Dhanush, Kanya or Brischik (chapter 41 sloka 1) & in Shani Dasa Rahu Bhukti, he says that it is auspicious to have Rahu in Mesh, Brishabh, Karka, Simha, Kanya, Dhanush or in Meen (chapter 43 sloka 67).

As you all know that Sarbarth Chintamani is a good reference while analysing dasa results. In the same text the dasa results of rahu has been said to be good, provided it is posted in Mesh, Brishabh, Karkata, Kanya, Dhanu or in Meen (chapter 16, sloka 21 & 22).

According to Phaladeepika dasa of Rahu is good when it is posted in signs like Kanya, Brischik or Meen (chapter 19, sloka 16).

Moreover according to Maharshi Parasara, one should predict about ones wealth from the position of Rahu (chapter 14 sloka 19). It is expected from a learner of Jyotish to know that a well-placed Rahu in his dasa gives wealth.

While speaking about the dasa results of Rahu when it is well placed, he says- All are beneficial for the native, be it regarding to Kingdom, begetting son, money, wealth, vehicles, construction of new home, patronised by the king etc. (chapter 36 sloka 42,46-49).

Both Parasara & Jaimini are of the opinion that when Ketu is auspiciously placed it might result into Moksha.

All these above said conditions are stated to prove that Rahu & Ketu are not always inauspicious & not at all responsible to minimise all the good effects of planets posted between them. So, Kal Sarpa Yoga is not established by the astrological writings & none of the classics mention about it.

Predicting ones future using this Yoga.

Many of the Astrologers, who all believe this Yoga, tries to prove their prediction while using his yoga & if those natives have experienced anything ominous, then they state that Kal Sarpa Yoga is responsible for such ill effects. If one yoga is enough to nullify all good results & if ones relies upon a single yoga, then there is no point in talking about such yoga which is irrelevent.

All the charts published in the “Astrological Magazine” regarding Kal Sarpa Yoga, was gone through by another learned astrologer & in the same Magazine, he said that all the ill results caused to those concerned persons are not due to Kal Sarpa Yoga, but due to the presence of planets in inauspicious places.

Some examples.

Still, are we ready to accept such yoga, which is not supported by any classics? But for general belief, we need to give examples for proving what we decide, as we do in Science & in Arts.

It is generally considered that one having Kal Sarpa Yoga suffers throughout his life, while “Ardha” Kal Sarpa Yoga is much more “poisonous” than “Purna” Kal Sarpa Yoga. Is it relevent to the present situation?? Or is it possible?? However, we are surprised to find horoscopes of many famous personalities who had Kal Sarpa Yoga according to the “present” astrologers, still they had no problem in achieving success.

Some example of Purna Kal Sarpa yoga.

1) Shree Shree Mahaprabhu Chaitanyadev- Simha Lagna, Moon & Ketu in Lagna, Sun, Mercury, Venus & Rahu in 7th, rest of the planets between Rahu & Ketu.

2) Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru- Karkata lagna, Rahu in 12th, Jupiter with Ketu in 6th, rest of the planets between Rahu & Ketu.

3) Scientist Dr. K.S. Krishnan- Mesh Lagna, Mercury & Rahu in 9th, Ketu in 3rd, rest of the planets between rahu & Ketu.

There are plenty of examples but I don’t want it to be unnecessarily large, so have refrained from giving more examples of Purna Kal Sarpa Yoga.

Now, some examples of

Ardha Kal Sarpa yoga or 'Bhanga Kal Sarpa Yoga':

1) “Father of the Nation” Mahatma Gandhi- Except Jupiter, all planets are between Rahu & Ketu.

2) Author of the book “Bande Mataram” Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay- Except Saturn, all planets are between Rahu & Ketu.

3) Adi Shankaracharya- Except Saturn, all are between Rahu & Ketu.

4) Swami Ramanujacharya- Except Jupiter, all planets are between Rahu & Ketu.

5) Singer Hemanta Mukhopadhayay (better known as Hemant Kumar)- Except Mars, all planets are between Rahu & Ketu.

The list is endless.


Thus we can deduce, that Kal Sarpa Yoga is nothing but a “cultivated” yoga, only to scare people who come to seek astrological advice. As the examples given above it is true that whatever incomplete they felt in their life, was due to planetary position, not due to the so called “Kal Sarpa Yoga”. I have a number of horoscopes where there is presence of Kal Sarpa Yoga, but those persons have felt the height of success in their life, but inclusion of those examples will unnecessarily make this work pretty large.

I have tried my best to support my article with relevent sources. Please forgive the shortcomings, if any. I am dedicating this article to my dear lord

Even after reading this article, at times people request me for suggesting remedy for the so-called Kalsapra Dosha. Please Note: I do not entertain such requests.

Please read this article carefully. I do not support

the notion of this yoga. I say it loud and clear that it is nothing but a scaring commercial trap.

“Shree Salagram Sila rupi Shree NarasimhaNarayanji..!

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