If you are to marry with a boy hailing from a Joint Family.

Headstrong Mother-in-Law

Over the years, I have come across cases where the lovers got married with each other and within a few years, they have problems.

Besides other reasons, the difference in family life style is an important cause for the disputes. More so with the couples where the boy has been raised in a Joint family.

During the initial period of courtship, the lovers do not appreciate that this difference could lend them into trouble. Even in the case of arranged marriages, the parents fail to identify this as a potential risk factor.

If you are engaged to a boy who lives in a Joint Family or if you are married recently and have to stay with your in-laws in a joint family; you need to take care of the following characteristics of this system.

The elders ranked higher in hierarchy enjoy dominant command.

Male members have supremacy over female members.

When the eldest male is no more, the mother will head the family.

Mother in-law enjoys undisputed command over her daughters-in-law.

Elder brother enjoys command over younger brother and his wife.

Daughters of a family command the formal respect of their brothers' wives.

A newly arrived daughter-in-law has the least say or personal preferences.

Even in minor matters, the younger adult man living in his father's house has to follow the word and desire of his father.

The environment is such that the bond between spouses cannot get stronger. Not enough opportunities for conversation or sharing between couples.

Husbands and wives cannot openly display affection for one another

Young parents are discouraged even to comfort their own young children.

If the 7th lord, in the Girl's horoscope is weak or afflicted by strong malefic planet/s, the husband is likely to have subservient attitude.

If the Lagna or Lagna lord are affected by stronger malefic planets and if they own 5th or 9th house in girl's horoscope, she is likely to be dominated by her husband's siblings.