How is Destiny Created?


During match making, many a times, people get frightened by astrologer's judgement that getting married with the particular person would lead to untimely death of the native. Here, by understanding the destiny, we try to establish that one's life and death depends upon one's own karma i.e., one's own horoscope and not on horoscope of the spouse.

I think one needs to understand what is astrology? and how it works?

We can use following points to bring in clarity within ourselves and also to get our views accepted. I know it is very difficult to change older people (I have intentionally used this word instead of 'elders') but I have seen many parents, very head strong and stubborn initially, giving up ultimately for their love for their child.. so never give up. Let me try to explain :

· Our actions generate rewards. Good for good and bad for bad.

· The rewards of some actions are instantaneous whereas for some it takes longer time.

· There are many actions where its rewards would take very long time to be delivered. Some goes beyond the span of one life to another.

· There remain undelivered rewards at the end of every life. Accumulation of such rewards are termed as 'Sanchit Karma'

· Thus, at the beginning of every life there are rewards due to be delivered during the particular life. This carried forward accumulation of rewards (Sanchit Karma)is called 'Prarabdha' fate.

· During particular life, the pressure of Prarabdh and your interaction, action and reaction will cause you to create new Karmas.

· Thus, the circumstances are created based upon your Fate.

  • The destiny is not fate.
  • Destiny refers to a future point.
  • The way you react to the fate (circumstances presented to you) will create your destiny.

· Fate is past. The way you react with it, is in your hands. You have freewill to decide your course of action. This game generates new prarabdha..

· Thus every moment, we create new future based upon how we interact with the circumstances and happenings.

· However, the result of the new karmas are not recorded in our Horoscope. The horoscope is prepared only once and remains static throughout life.

· Astrology works upon Horoscope. Horoscope is cast upon the time of birth. So the birth chart shows the balance you have brought forwarded from your previous birth.

· So, if I analyze your horoscope, it will show your balance at the time of birth.

· After your birth, till this age, you have created many more Karmas through your actions and reactions..they cannot be reflected in your Horoscope.

· Horoscope, is your balance-sheet prepared at the time of your birth.

· No bank will ever depend upon an old balance-sheet to assess the financial status of a person.

· Thus, taking decision on the basis of horoscope is like undertaking journey on the basis of an ancient map..!

So, astrologers can see what balance of fruits of karma you had at the time of your birth and everything pertaining to your case would be analyzed from your individual horoscope. There cannot be any influence of other's horoscope.

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