The Essence of Planetary Remedies


I have included this page for the sake of academic discussion with my learned friends.

Basis for Remedies

It has been widely accepted to resort to planetary remedies to mitigate the bad influence of planets. This is derived from the horoscope of the native.

Some of my friends suggest remedies on the basis of weakness of the planet. Whereas some other friends suggest remedies on the basis of stronger planet in the horoscope or the Dasha Lord for the native.

Strength and weakness of planets

However, we also need to understand the difference between ‘Strength’ and ‘Weakness’ of any planet. There is a lot of misconception here. Strength is based on degree of the planet. It shows intensity of particular kind of karma.

Whereas, 'weakness' of a planet is based upon its placement in a sign and that denotes qualitative difference. Every planet has its higher quality positive characteristics and its lower quality negative traits depending upon its placement in its own sign, its mool-trikona sign, its exaltation sign or in its debilitation sign etc.

I personally believe that if the planet in the horoscope attains significance in terms of Karakatva or house lordship for the particular issue, the gems etc. for the respective planet can be recommended. This is to augment the influence of the particular planet. Say, if a person lacs confidence and if in the horoscope, if planet Mars is in weak condition, the remedies like putting on Munga stone can be prescribed.

Here, again, if the person has frequent clashes in his married life and if Mars is the culprit, we cannot recommend Munga Stone. Logically, this will give additional strength to Mars and the things may worsen.

If we sensibly access astrology, we can make out as to how to behave in a particular time in a particular subject matter of life. We can make out our strengths and weaknesses and can take advantage of strengths and improve upon the weaknesses.

  • Astrology is like traffic sign boards. If we see the sign board of ‘Accident zone, bumps ahead, dangerous curve etc., on our way, what we do? We drive sensibly.

From the above, we can see that if we have identified weakness about any planet, we don’t have to do anything to the planet. You need to find out the traits of the planet and work on your own behavioral aspects accordingly.

This is the way, when we are to pass through the circumstances created by our own past karma, we are well equipped to respond to those emotions. Bettering one’s own behaviour is the real remedy.

Reciting Mantras of Planets, putting on precious stones and gems etc. may be helpful to the tune of degree of your faith and placebo effect. With the conventional remedies you could benefit by way of support of Hope that you get.