How to treat Debilitated planets in Astrology?


It is seen that there are many confusions about deciphering the influence of planets while analyzing horoscope. The confusions are about :

  • Strength and weakness
  • Natural vs. Functional benefics and malefics
  • Exaltation, Debilitation and Moolatrikon
  • Conjunction of two or more and what will be the impact
  • Forward, retrograde and standstill

Adding fuel to the fire, we have rules and concepts like Dispositors, YogaKaraka, Neecha Bhanga, Veepareet Rajyoga, Karako Bhava Nashaya. Unfortunately, we keep going with ambiguities, probably because it is always at the cost of the clients.

To understand ‘debilitated’, in the context of Indian Astrology, we have to fall back to the right term ‘Neecha’ which is opposite to ‘Uchcha’. We can easily understand that it denotes quality and not strength. As such there is no question of a planet getting weak when it is in debelitation sign.

In Astrology, on the basis of observation Characteristics are assigned primarily to different zones of the sky we call them Zodiac Signs. The other apparent objects of observation are the Planets. So planets are also assigned characteristics. This led to grouping of signs and planets based on similar characteristics. So, frankly speaking the planets do not own the signs. They just share the similar traits and characteristics.

Thus, when a planet gets homogeneous background in the form of a sign with similar traits, those qualities gets more predominant. It is matter of combination of similar characteristics between a sign and the planet. The characteristics may become stronger or weaker and not the strength of the planet.

So, when we say Saturn is Exalted in Libra it is not that Saturn becomes strong. It means, the characteristics of Saturn and the characteristics of the sign Libra are creating higher positive impact. Saturn is otherwise dry planet but when it occupies Libra, the traits of romance, luxuries and comforts will facilitate Saturn in imparting its philosophical wisdom. In a way, there is some compromising mechanism underway. Similarly, in case of Debilitation, the negative or constrictive characteristics of a sign and similar characteristics of a planet create combined impact. Say, Moon is mind and mind has temperaments.. When Moon passes through Scorpio the aggressive temperament gets predominant. It does not mean that Moon has lost strength.

I see my friends discussing about Neecha Bhanga Rajyoga. However, when we arrange the blocks of astrology, step by step, it does not stand the test. If a planet has characteristics and the sign also has characteristics, the result has to be combination of these two factors only. A particular placement of another planet that shares some sets of characteristics (what we call lord of the sign) of that sign cannot change the impact.( of debilitation). In the cases presented in support of Neecha Bhanga Rajyog, I am sure, one can find out other strong beneficial combinations creating the good results.

I have seen dozens of clients who have been eagerly and anxiously waiting to see the Neecha Bhanga yoga turning into Rajayoga and bestowing outstanding benefits to them..!! Even when we accept presence of some condition that saves one from debilitation, how can we believe that it will create exceptionally huge RajaYoga?

So a planet in debilitation has to be evaluated on the basis of characteristics of the sign and that of the planet and it has nothing to do with the weakness of the planet.