Cuspal Interlinks Method


Q. How will the life of twins be if they are born within a few minutes of each other? Do their horoscopes differ or will it be the same?

Yes. Definitely. If you mean the life of twins will astrologically be different.

For the second part of your question, Do their horoscopes differ or will it be the same? Yes. The horoscopes would differ.

The KP System and Sub-Sub System can have micro horoscope. When the horoscopes of twins are drawn through such systems, the life events for both the twins can be identified as distinct from each others.

The conservative parashari system of Astrology would not be very helpful here. We need to understand how this is so?

  • The D(1) charts will not not be different for the twins unless the sign of Ascendant changes during the period. As we know, every sign remains in the same sign for approx 2 hours.
  • The fastest moving body in the horoscope is the Moon and it may not change sign unless it is on the ending degrees of the sign. As we know, Moon remains in a sign for approx 2.5 days.
    • The degree of Moon will be different and the Nakshtra and its Pada may change or may not change.
    • The balance of Vimshottari dasa period may change.
  • The varga charts may differ but very few astrologers really have knowledge of predictive essence of the varga charts.
  • Most astrologers depend upon D(1) chart and for them, the same ascendant would in no way be helpful to identify distinction in the prediction of life events for the twins.
  • The D(12), Dwadasamsa chart takes into consideration 1/12th part of a sign and that means, dwadasamsa will be different if there is time difference of more than 600 seconds between two births. If we take the birth ratio of 1 child per second, parashara system horoscope will remain same for 600 children.
  • The KP Nakshtra system works on Nakshtra lord and the time difference of more than 160 seconds will make a difference in prediction parameters. Here also, the life events should remain same for about 160 children.
  • When we adopt a system of prediction based on Sub-Sub Lord, the prediction parameters would change if the time difference is more than 10 seconds. This is the most practical method through which different life events for the twins can be worked out.
  • This method that use Sub-Sub lord and generate cuspal interlinks is known as Cuspal Interlink System of astrology. Shri SP Khullar and Shri K Baskaran has published a couple of books on this system.
  • There are special software applications designed by Shri Mukesh Gupata for the purpose of this system.
  • I am contemplating upon publishing a work-book type book to explain how to use the system and the software. This is particularly needed since there is no help file available for the software.