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Dear Sir,

Very much informative and unique blog. As a student of Vedic Astrology, I feel I am blessed to visit this site. I really appreciate your service to humanity thru your divine guidance

- S*S**

Sir,.......... I truly found this site different and I am feeling a connect with your beliefs also. Thank you for doing such great job..

About Kalsarpa Dosha...

Appreciable efforts to eradicate false beliefs prevailing in society and trying to justify various issues with quite satisfactory arguments.

Further, you are spreading fruitful knowledge to common masses without any cost which is unimaginable in present scenario.

I must thank to you all who are involved in such a great and nice mission. Regards,


Dear Sir,

Thank you for your response. As per your advise we started performing abhishek on sivaling. Recently we performed ........homam too. you mentioned some other weakness in our chart. Will you please specify what are they and what remedial measures can be taken. ... ..... We are looking alliances for our daughter. Your advise & guidance is highly appreciated.

Thank you for your time. Regards

--PBN ******

About Naadi Dosha...

...thank you sir for your kind reply.I was worried by hearing (opinion of other astrologers) that my girl friend will die once she marry with me due to naadi dosha.I like your way to see astrology. It is quite good. .......... ....... I am not a big beliver of horoscope but my dad and mom believes it.



Dear sir,

........I am a hindu my husband is american.

How big must the yellow sapphire be? Let me know?

What you have said about my life is all correct. Do you see any hope in my financial situation? My husband's time of birth is not known and he is born on ..... in Ann Arbor Michgan,my daughter is born on **th April 1990 at 11.** am in Ch*****, Virginia. Can you please tell me about her education,job,marriage etc. What will her line of education be? Will she be successful and happy?

Thank you very much.


Namaste guru ji apko mera charan sparsh. Apke kehne ke anusar meri sister ne ....puja ki thi ab uska vivah ho gaya 6dec ko.

Bahut achha feel hota hai..! Apko dhanyawad..!!!!

About Marriage...

...your predictions seem to speak out my mind and my interests..as per your advice i'll pray to sanishwera to get his blessings. And as you spotted out, you are right that career is my first preferrence and marriage is not in my thought right now.... ...i want to marry according to my parents wish- arranged...anyway lets hope good things happen.

Thanks a million for your response and may god bless you



Thanks a lot for you response regarding kalsarpa. You had asked about my birth details, so they are July 1st **** 9:30 am Kanpur, UP. I have had health problems on & off for the past 12 years but has been more for 5 yrs. I had to forget about my career too.

What do you think are the absolute bad times and also good times when I can focus on my work. Or, is my life going to be like past few years?

Thanks & Best Regards



Really thank you for doing this great job for world. Hope you get everything you want & I am also able to give something valuable to others in my lifetime.

I am a software professional, so in that sense i would like to say that the site is well maintained and quite clear.It contain lot of information and the best part is Astrology is mixed with Ayurveda or Science to explain the actual ritual or dosh.

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