Contribute to Research in Astrology

As we all know well, most astrological concepts that we use today, are 
from ancient scriptures. With the passage of time, the social environment has changed drastically as compared to the time of creation 
of these scriptures. Unfortunately, no significant research is being undertaken in Astrology. As a result, the credibility of Astrology is constantly being questioned by the intellectuals and rationalists. 

With a view to examine the validity of some of the concepts of Astrology, we need to augment it by way of undertaking research. It is, need of the time and our moral duty to do this so that we can defend Astrology against allegations that "Astrology is not a science." To follow this noble cause, we have introduced a new way to deal with the Questions being asked here for free guidance. Those who volunteer to take up Survey, will be provided free Astrology Guidance for One important question .

Please Note : Take up any subject wherein you have your own experience and provide genuine details. Providing imaginary details is not acceptable.

To contribute to this research, you only need to undertake survey on any one of the following subjects. Once you successfully submit the survey, you will get the link to take you to the Question Form.   

We have taken care to see that the questionnaire remains short and the questions are pertinent to the subject. Rest assured about your privacy; we are committed to deal with it most diligently. 

Please provide details pertaining to your married life. This will be helpful in examining the validity of Kundli Matching, Naadi Dosha etc.


Please share your experience about remedies you you have tried for Ashlesha or other nakshatra considered as GandaMoola or Gadant.


People have many misconceptions about Kalsarpa Yoga. If you are born with the so-called yoga, please share your details along with efficacy of remedies tried.


If you have experienced Pitru Dosha, Please share your experience and also the kind of remedy you tried. 


If you have passed Shani's SadeSati in past or if you are undergoing it now; please share your experiences. This will be useful judging the kind of troubles in different phases of Sadesati and efficacy of different remedial measures. 


Your details about house property could be useful in ascertaining planetary combinations with respect to different types of house a native can own.

Please provide your details about Child birth. This will be useful in verifying impact of defects like Horoscope Matching, Naadi Dosha etc..


Your details about education will be useful in formulating planetary combinations for different streams of academic education


Please provide details about your Job-Business, Profession or source of income. This will be useful in formulating planetary combinations for timing getting job, transfer, promotion etc.


Please provide details about your Journey to foreign land. This will be useful in formulating planetary combinations for timing journey and whether it will be permanent migration.


Please share your details about sickness along with efficacy of remedies other than medical treatment you tried.