Remedies for Jupiter

How to know whether you need to 
perform remedies for Jupiter ?
If you know astrology                                                             
you need to check your horoscope. If you have Jupiter in following condition, you should perform remedies as mentioned here :-
 (1)  If you are born with Capricorn as your ascendant, Jupiter becomes functional malefic
(2)  If you are born with Sagittarius  ascendant and if Jupiter is placed in 6th, 8th or 12th house.
(3)  if Jupiter is placed in Capricorn sign - its debilitated sign.
(4)  If Rahu or Ketu occupies either Sagittarius or Pisces sign.
(5)  If Jupiter is in conjunction with Rahu or Ketu.
If you don't know astrology                                            
You need to check if following is true in your life :-
(1)  You crave for sweetmeats even when you know you are a diabetic
(2)  You tempt to adopt unlawful and immoral means even though you know its bad.
(3)  If you have outstanding knowledge of a socially useful subject but you don't wish to share.
(4)  If your father suffers from Asthma
(5)  If you are trapped in an immoral relationship around your age of 34/35
(6)  If you don't feel respect for elders, teachers, KulGuru, traditional values and religion.
(7)  If you don't have a male child.
(8)  If you are gaining body mass and even though just not able to control diet
Remedies  for JUPITER                                               
(a) Observe traditional values and ethics.
(b) Respect elders, teachers and your Kulguru.
(c) Use orange -yellow colour in your environment. You can consider use of this colour on inner walls, bed-sheets, pillow covers (but not napkins or towels).
(d) Keep plenty of  genda flower plants in your garden

(e) Recite Sri Vishnu Sahastra Naama.(Click here)
If you dont have a garden, you can keep even artificial genda flowers in flower-vase.
The most effective remedy for Jupiter is reciting Sree Vishnu Sahastra Naama.
For reading and understanding the meaning, click on the image below: