Opt to be Happy

I want to dedicate this article to each one of you who are facing some problems and who are not happy.
You have tones of complaints about misfortune, lack of luck, injustice and biasness. You think that you have left no stone unturned to resolve your problems ..and nothing has worked.. You feel as if the whole of universe has been conspiring against you...!.
On the other hand, I suggest you to 'Opt to be Happy'..I am sure you would never agree with me. Yes, when we are not in comfortable situation, we always believe, happiness is just not amongst the available options..
For most people, and particularly those who are pasing through tough time, crisis and  stress, it is difficult to accept that  'To be Happy' could be an option..This seems to be true because, we are never taught to find 'happiness' as an option in the decision process. We are always made to believe that our happiness derives from outside objects, appreciation from others. The value attached with the notions like religious sacrifice, penance, abstinence and renounciation
Let us try to find out whether being happy can be an option.

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