About Nadi Dosha
Our horoscope match indicates nadi dosha, however, we are deeply in love and want to get married. Please suggest what kind of challenges we might have to face if we go ahead with this relationship. Also please suggest some remedies for nadi dosha.
Our Birth details are as follows:
Boy: DOB- 13-06-1979
TOB- 9:15AM
POB- Muzaffarpur (Bihar)
Girl: DOB- 23-07-1984
TOB- 8:40AM POB- Chittaranjan (Bihar)
Please give honest advice.

There are two things to ponder upon.
(a) Are you sure you are in deep love ? I think you are more on seeking relationship..! Love never seeks Horoscope matching..!! Did you consult an astrologer when you fell in love ?
(b) There are cases where a couple with excellent matching is not enjoying marital bliss and a few with bad matching are happy.
For your information, the same nadi dosha is applicable for only higher caste persons.

The challenges - child birth is either negated altogether or a birth of sickly child.

Remedy for Nadidosha :-
Not to follow horoscope matching..!!