We are in Love..but Kundlis don't Match..!!

i want to marry a girl..we are nt in love but we know each other very well and we are quite compatible...it feels like we know each other since a quite long time..i like her very much..and our families were ready fr our marriage bt the pandit who matched our kundalies said i'll die in 8 years after our marriage... i dnt believe that but my mom dad is nt allowing my marriage with her sir..i dont hv a clue for what to do now...we cant marry though we want to.we want to spend lives wit each other...sir please help me...thanks and regards
Your love for the girl and care for your family has touched my heart. I am sure, a person like you would be taken care by the system that rules the whole world.

A small story, first.

"High in the reaches of Mount Kailasha is the abode of Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction. One evening Vishnu, the god for preserving the cosmic order, came to see Shiva. He left behind at the entrance Garuda, the half-man, half-eagle composite, who served as his vehicle.

Garuda sat alone, marveling at the natural splendor of the place. Suddenly his eyes fell on a beautiful creature, a little bird seated on the arch crowning the entrance to Shiva's place. Garuda wondered aloud: "How marvelous is this creation! One who has created these lofty mountains has also made this tiny bird - and both seem equally wonderful."

Just then Yama, the god of death who rides a buffalo, came passing by with the intention of meeting Shiva. As he crossed the arch, his eyes went over to the bird and he raised his brows in a quizzical expression. Then he took his eyes off the bird and disappeared inside.

Now, in the ancient thought of India, even a slight glance of Yama is said to be the harbinger of death. Garuda, who had observed Yama's action, told himself, "Yama looking intently at the bird can mean only one thing - the bird's time is up. Perhaps on his way back he will carry away the bird's soul with him." Garuda's heart was filled with pity for the helpless creature. That it was oblivious of its own impending doom further agonized Garuda and he resolved to save the bird from the clutches of death. He swooped it up in his mighty talons, rushed to a forest thousands of miles away and left the bird on a rock beside a brook. Then he returned to Kailasha and regained his position at the entrance gate.

Soon after, Yama emerged from inside, and nodded to Garuda in recognition. Garuda greeted the god of death and said: "May I put a question to you? While going in, you saw a bird and for a moment you became pensive, why?"

Yama answered him thus: "Well, when my eyes fell on the little bird, I saw that it was to die in a few minutes, swallowed by a python, far away from here in a forest near a brook. I wondered how this tiny creature would traverse the thousand of miles separating it from its destiny in such a short time. Then I forgot. Surely it must have happened somehow."

Saying this, Yama smiled and went away. Did he know about Garuda' s specific role in the matter? Nobody can know for sure. Garuda sat perplexed, mulling over the surprising turn events had taken."


The point is, what we know, see and do is just a small fraction of totality. If you are destined to be with the Girl, no one can ever deny. If you are not, well, the Pundits and your parents are mere instrumental in execution of the Great Drama.
The 'husband-wife' relationship is not a matter of our choice, its our bond. If you have huge outstanding dues (Karmic Rinanubandha') with the particular girl, you have to get into relationship.
The horoscope matching is an obsolete tool. In the days when the boy and girl have plenty of opportunities to interact personally, there's no need of depending upon imperfect tool like astrology.

Beyond this, every individual has his own horoscope (the basis for Kundli Matching) and his fate is judged from various combinations of his horoscope. The degree of joy and sorrow one has to ones credit is well indicated in the chart. The marital happiness is judged from the 7th house of the native. The life span is judged from the 1st, 3rd and 8th house of the native. You should know that birth horoscope is not modified after marriage. So it should not make any difference astrologically, whether you marry to x, y or z. upon issues that are judged from your horoscope. There is no logical substance in things like "a person would die... if he marries to a particular girl." It is shere bullshit.

If the pundits are educated, let them read this massage. Most probably they would not. Unfortunately, they are skilled only in exploiting the ignorance of people about astrology. They are people good for nothing.

Your horoscope is only your balance-sheet showing things you have earned during your previous birth. Now you have lived for more than 25 years in this life. The rewards generated through Karma you have carried out after this birth have not been recorded in this horoscope.

Think for a while - if you were a bank manager and you were to grant a big loan to a client. Would you analyze his financial status from the latest bank-passbook, the latest balance-sheet or old passbook etc.?

If you appreciate value of 'Love' and ready to make sacrifices in terms of accommodating with the likes and dislikes of your beloved, go ahead.

Rather than indulging into astrology, I would recommend you two to attend a good seminar on 'maintaining relationship' or read a good book on 'how to lead a happy married life'. How about finding out the core values of each other and see how you would be complimenting each other?

If you feel, my talking to your parents can make a difference, you can contact me on mob.no...**************
Love, Light and Blessings !!

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