Marriage & Married Life


My married life is so miserable frought with tension and anxiety each day. My child or me do not have any peace, my husband acts very indifferent & is almost a stranger to us.My inlaws make life miserable by poisoning his mind about us constantly from India.I recently got into a teaching job,but my heart is in getting back to pediatric dentistry which I love.Will my marriage last, this is my second one, I thought this would be my anchor when I married him but he threatens me each day about divorce knowing very well how shaken I am with that word, to top it he calls my parents in India and threatens them too about sending me back. I have no peace. He travels constantly on work & doesn't seem to want to be with us, he does not provide for daily living ever since I started to work.I am just holding to my unshakable faith in God & my love for my innocent there a solution to this life?


I have sympathy for what you are suffering. After a hearty prayer, I am trying to analyze your birth chart. I could see that the problems that you have narrated are not very clearly visible in your horoscope.

When we scrutiny a chart for problems in married life, we evaluate malefic influence on 7th house and its lord. We try to find if the house or its lord are inflicted by malefics like Saturn or Rahu. However in your case, your 7th house is clear of such influence.
The seventh lord Mars is in 4th house creating a doubt for manglik dosha but it gets nullified because of conjunction with Jupiter and being in the sign of Simha. In Navamsa kundli, again Manglik dosha gets delluted since Mars is in a sign owned by Mercury, an eunuch.
This way, your horoscope is, in a way an intricate chart. I dont think any one can dare to predict troubles if you dont disclose them yourself.

This led me into more detailed assessment of planetary combinations. What has come out is really eye opening to show us how erraneous it can be if we dont go into detailed scrutiny of any chart. It shows us need to go beyond the apparent beliefs of natural beneficance of accepted planets like Jupiter.

Your seventh house lord Mars in 4th house apparently forms Guru-Mangal yoga that can give many richies to you. But here, we have to go beyond the apparent value of jupiter only to find that with respect to 7th house subjects, jupiter here as a lord of 8th house and dispossed by Rahu turns Malefic. Jupiter is further a functional malefics for Vrishabh Lagna. In navamsa chart, again we can see the effect of functional malefic (meen langa) Venus conjoined with 7th lord Mercury.

Further, we need to assess the condition from Moon lagna and Venus lagna as well. In your chart moon and Venus both are placed in Tula rasi. As we consider it as another lagna, we have Saturn placed in the respective 7th house. The 7th lord here is mars and it is again afflicted by Jupiter that has turned functional melefic.

At present, you are under Sani Sadesati. Your mahadash is also of Sani. This is really a testing period. However, you would appreciate that this will make you a better and wise person.Higher values costs us more. I am afraid, you might have been a proudy lady. High esteem for your beauty and intellect. Please dont get offended, but the core remedy for saturn is to let go your 'Ego'. Saturn is a teacher and it hits upon the subject of pride of a person during its influence only to make him/her realize that there are many forces operating in the world and our intellect alone cannot guarantee joy n happiness in life. Once you understand and appreciate your negligible status in the cosmic life system; Saturn will no longer need to impart any more sorrows. Believe me, if you can.

For other remedies, I would recommend you to propitiate Lord Brihaspati with the prayer
"Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnu, Gurur Devo Mahesh Varah. Guru Shakshat Para Brahma, Tasmai Shri Guruve Namah."
Respect and serve elderly and learned persons, Guru, Teacher. Use yellow colour in your environment, yellow flowers in your vase. Keep high moral values.

Be Blessed.


I am into a whole lot of problems and finding it difficult to lead my life.1) My parents have been trying to fix my marraige since 2003, nothing is working out. The whole family is worried over me. Will I get married ever??? 2) My job was going well, but now lot of problems at work place. I am in deep trouble. Will I have a stable career? when? 3) I am having a skin problem which has uglied my face. Will I get cured? Have consulted many doctors, no result I belive all the problems are due to some doshas in my horo. Pleaze let me know if I will have a happy life.


You really deserve sympathies. Not getting married and further the trouble, you have now skin problem and problem with the job also..Let me see if I can find out some solution for you. I am sure, you deserve some remedy.

As I look at your chart, the first combination tht attracts attention is your potential for a love marriage..The natural karak of love, venus is your 5th(love) lord too and placed in your 7th house(Marriage) Moon (mind) is also your 2nd (family) is in 5th house with the 7th lord Jupiter. There is an exchange between 5th adn 7th house. The problem here is your Mars, the 11th lord(long term association) is in 4th house with Saturn. 

The delaying nature of Saturn has delayed your getting married and materializing the love relationship. Further, your Mercury(buddhi)and lord of the lagna(self) is placed in 8th house in Saturn's sign. This makes you to adopt very conservative attitude in communication and decision making. This has probably made you miss the opportunity of loving relationship. Are you in any way connection with cinematography ?

As regards your skin problem, let me tell you that this is most likely not a skin problem. You are probably allergic to pollen and emotional allergy..! When did you first noticed this problem? Was it Sept-Oct,2007 ? This is due to Rahu in your lagna and lagna lord in 8th. Here again your 4th(Chest-lungs) and 8th house are in exchange. This would be true if you caught severe cold in the initial phase of this problem. This may also be possible if you have overeating tendency (Jupiter and Moon in 5th). Thus, your health trouble, in my opinion is more of a psychosomatic nature. With negative emotions, you tend to overeating - is it so? By the way, do you have a physician in your family ?

Remedy for health -
(i)  Improve upon your nature -express yourself -
      be frank and open.
(ii)  Avoid consuming milk after sunset.
(iii) Avoid Fermented food (with urad ingredient- 
(iv) Treat your younger relatives with respect (v)
       use green colour in cloths etc.

Remedies for Marriage -
(i) Propitiate Lord Ganeshji (Ketu in 7th)keeping fast on Shukla Paksha Chaturthi (pl take eatables allowed during fast - don't remain empty stomuch).
(ii) Recite this mantra 108 times on very Tuesday.
"EkaDantaaya VidMahe VakraToondaaya Dhimahi TannnoDanti PrachoDayat"
Favourable time for marrige -
As you complete 27; after Oct 2009 Guru/Shukra Dasha. Mars and Ketu both create obstruction for marriage.

Don't worry about Job problems. You have 10th lord Guru with Moon in 5th house very good Dhana yoga. Very good period beyond nov.2008.

May Lord Ganeshji Bless you with Beautiful face and a caring husband.