Should Lovers Seek Kundli Matching?

  • This way you would not let any excuse creep into your mind to trouble you in future.
    • If you just let the things happen on its own course, know that you will repent your whole life for the inaction of yours. watch this video clip
  • Know that every couple, whatever they display, have their ups-n-downs. This is true for all, whether their Kundli matched or miss-matched..!  Because Life is Dynamic.
  • Go through a good book about how to lead a happy married life.
  • Marriage is a long term relationship. See that you two are ready for compromises. Living together means many challenges  - You should be prepared to face them.

So appreciate the cost of relationship and the requirements of creating happy married life and go ahead -take responsibility of your action rather than going for astrological excuses.  

Did you consult an astrologer?

Be Positive and Optimistic. Did you consult an astrologer at the time you fell in love? Be loyal to love. Seeking astrological advise by lovers is a humiliation of this pious expression.

May God Bless you.!


Even after reading this article, at times people request me for undertaking Kundli Matching. Please Note:
I do not entertain such requests.
Please read this article carefully. I do not support 'Kundli Matching'. Its a complete futile exercise.
The purpose of this article is to provide some arguments to the lovers as they face the obstacle of Kundli Miss-matching.

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