Should Lovers Seek Kundli Matching?

But now, the girls are doing exceptionally well on all fronts; be it education or occupation. For such girls, it is natural that she should have a prominent Mangal in her chart. Without the help of Mangal she cannot be able attain all the achievements. For such girls, it would be natural to have slightly high sense of self-esteem.
Side by side, the expectations of today's hubby are also different than the traditional males. They have learned the art of accommodating earning wife's domination. He knows that she is not just a housewife. She is his partner. However, unfortunately the astrologers are still going ahead with their century old methods.

In today's society, it would be better if the would be couple go in for medical check up to see that there is no danger of unfavorable the RH factor, AIDS etc. rather than going in for Kundli Matching.

Take Responsibility of your Selection

So, it is my personal advise that the lovers should not fall into this meaningless exercise of Kundli Matching. Let your mind approve the desire of your heart. Make up your mind 
  • Do your best to find out your compatibility in long term perspective in your own understanding (not with the help of astrology).Know that living together means a lot more than just 'ILU ILU..and short time wooing..!'
  • Find out Strength and Weaknesses of both of you and see if you two are compensating eachothers weaknesses - do you have strength in the area where she is weak and vic-e-versa.
  • Examine your personal values, likes and dislikes with those of hers. If they are complimentary, go ahead and try your best to stop her going away. 


Even after reading this article, at times people request me for undertaking Kundli Matching. Please Note:
I do not entertain such requests.
Please read this article carefully. I do not support 'Kundli Matching'. Its a complete futile exercise.
The purpose of this article is to provide some arguments to the lovers as they face the obstacle of Kundli Miss-matching.
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